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  1. alchemy
  2. immune system
  3. mechanical clock
  4. vaccine
  5. industry
  1. a a substance used to immunize people against a disease; today we have vaccines for many diseases
  2. b a combination of science, magic, and philosophy that was practiced in medieval times
  3. c the body's natural defense against disease
  4. d tells time accurately; modern mechanical clocks use the same principles today
  5. e a business that manufactures a particular product

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  1. to make similar items in quantity by using standardized designs and dividing labor among workers; allowed a greater number of products
  2. an explosive powder made of saltpeter and other materials; changed the way wars were conducted around the world
  3. paper money; most common form of money today
  4. individual characters made of wood or metal that can be arranged to create a job for printing and then used over again; helped spread learning; until recently, newspapers, magazines and books were printed this way
  5. a bridge supported by arches that are shallow segments (parts) of a circle

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  1. inoculateto protect against disease by transmitting a disease causing agent to a person, stimulating the body's defensive reactions


  2. military technologyrelated to soldiers and warfare


  3. everyday objectsa common item used by most people in their daily lives


  4. inventionsa new tool, device, or process created after scientific study and experimentation


  5. canal locka gated chamber in a canal used to raise or lower the water level, still used today like in the Panama canal