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  1. imagery
  2. mood
  3. existentialism
  4. naturalism
  5. foreshadowing
  1. a the prevailing feeling or emotional climate in a piece of literature
  2. b the philosophical idea that man fashions his own existence, and only exists by doing so
  3. c an extreme form of realism
  4. d words or phrases that create pictures or images in the readers mind
  5. e hints and clue in a narrative that suggest what is about to happen

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  1. any artificial, forced, or improbable device used to resolve entanglements in a play
  2. the regular pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in poetry
  3. a short poem that expresses a speaker's personal thoughts or feelings
  4. the repetition of consonant sounds
  5. a poem that tells a story

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  1. coupleta type of metaphor that makes a comparison between 2 completely different things


  2. ironya lengthy, complex lyric poem, written in a dignified formal style of some lofty or serious subject


  3. magic realisman extreme form of realism


  4. iambic pentameterthe most common verse line in English and American poetry consisting of five verse feet


  5. free versethe regular pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in poetry


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