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  1. dramatic monologue
  2. hyperbole
  3. free verse
  4. existentialism
  5. denotation
  1. a a word's primary significance or reference
  2. b the philosophical idea that man fashions his own existence, and only exists by doing so
  3. c un rhymed verse that has no metric pattern or an irregular pattern
  4. d a poem in which a speaker addresses a silent listener
  5. e a bold overstatement

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  1. a type of metaphor that makes a comparison between 2 completely different things
  2. the regular pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in poetry
  3. a poem that tells a story
  4. movement of literature that emphasizes more on the life of the mind and feelings rather than the realistic details of everyday life
  5. a poem of mourning

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  1. footthe prevailing feeling or emotional climate in a piece of literature


  2. metonymyfigure of speech that compares two things that are dissimilar


  3. invectiveany literature that is meant to instruct or to teach


  4. mooda unit used to measure the meter and rhythmic pattern of a line in poetry


  5. connotationa word's primary significance or reference