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  1. deus ex machina
  2. meter
  3. climax
  4. conflict
  5. dramatic monologue
  1. a a poem in which a speaker addresses a silent listener
  2. b the regular pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in poetry
  3. c the decisive point in a narrative or drama
  4. d a struggle between the 2 opposing forces in literature
  5. e any artificial, forced, or improbable device used to resolve entanglements in a play

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  1. from the Greek meaning "wanton insolence," a shortcoming of a tragic hero that leads him to ignore warnings from the gods and leads to his downfall
  2. hints and clue in a narrative that suggest what is about to happen
  3. a word's secondary significance/feelings that the word implies
  4. two consecutive lines of poetry that rhyme
  5. a personal or physical path to a destination, whether known or unknown

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  1. invectivespeech or writing which is highly denunciatory or abusive


  2. imagerythe regular pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in poetry


  3. elegya lengthy, complex lyric poem, written in a dignified formal style of some lofty or serious subject


  4. consonancethe repetition of consonant sounds


  5. motifthe prevailing feeling or emotional climate in a piece of literature