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WWII test

What did Italy, Germany and Japan have in common in the 1930s?
sought to solve nations' problems in conquest
which was part of american policy during the early years of world war 2?
remaining nuetral while making war supplies available to Britan
what prompted the United States to enter war in 1941
Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor
Joseph Stalin dominated the Soviet Union using tactics of
terror and purges
both Mussolini and Hitler saw expansion of their territory as a way to increase
national pride
the axis powers were named for the axis between which two European capitals
Berlin and Rome
although communists and facists have traditionally been enemies, in 1939 which facist made a pact with which communist?
Hitler and Stalin
in 1932, manchuria was taken over by, (8)
Japanese Military
the burma road was a 700 mile long highway linking Burma to
during the early years of world war 2, the united states
tried to remain nuetral while supplyingweapons to britan and france
the japanese attack on pearl harbor ...
prompted the united states to enter the war
what was one result of the Manchurian Incident?
it greatly increased power of the japanese army over the government
Lebensraum was the term Hitler used that meant
more living space for Germans
after hitler invaded Czechoslovakia and made a pact with Stalin, he invaded
in 1940, one of the greatest rescues in warfare occurred
at dunkirk
great britan held out against the german attack at the battle of
the american first committee wanted to
block any further aid to britain
how did mussolini use gangs of facist thugs in italy
to terrorize its opponents
which country gained control of most of western Europe by 1940
in order to modernize agriculture in the soviet union, joesph stalin
instituted the policy called "collectivization"
nazism was an extreme form of
what historical event contributed to the rise of fasicism in both Italy and Germany, and to the rise of totalitarianism in the soviet union?
World war 1
to which direction did Hitler look when he decided Germany needed more lebensraum (living space)?
A- to the east: eastern Europe and the Soviet Union
hitler signed a Nongression pact with
the soviet union
hitler used which of the following military stratagies when invadading Poland?
where did one of the greatest rescues in the history of warfare take place?>
the vichy government of france adopted which of the following policies after germany conquered france?
in what battle did hitler launch the greatest air assult the world has yet seen?
battle of britan
who inspired the british people to resist the german invasion?
winston churchill
who sailed into tokoyo bay in 1853 to help force open japanese trade to foreigners?
Matthew Perry
By the beginning of World war II, Japan had
become the strongest east asian nation
what was the real motive behind the greater east asia co-prosperity sphere?
Japan wanted the region's natural resources for its war against China
what was manchukuo?
why did two chinese, jiang jieshi and mao zedong unite?
to fight the japanese
in september, 1940 japan allied itself with
the axis powers
in the manchurian incident, the japanese army
acted on its own to overrun the whole manchuria
during the 1930sthe united states focused largely on
domestic affairs
congress passed neutrality acts that were designed to
limit international involvement
a group of isolationists that included aviator charles lindbergh formed the
the american first committe
which militant japanese general became prime ministed in october of 1941
tojo hideki
all of the following events led up to the japanese attack on pearl harbor except
a group of isolationists formed to block aid britain
shortly after congress passed a war declaration on japan, which other two countries declared war on the united states?
germany and italy
Why did Frenklin Roosevelt create the office of war mobilization?
to centralize agencies dealing with war production
which of the following was an example of deficit spending during war?
using borrowed money to finance war production
which of the following was true of the north during war years?
african americans faced descrimination in employement, housing and education
what led the government to evacuate japanese americans from the west coast
long-held prejudice, and fears inflamed by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor
the united states began to emerge from the depression as a result of
producing goods for allied forces
henery kaiser contributed to wartime production by
using mass production techniques to build liberty ships
financing war with borrowed money was an example of
deficit spending
on the home front, popular culture was characterized by
patriotism and high morale
on the home front during war years,
african americans took direct action to premote racial equalities
the selective training and service act required military service registration for all males between the ages of
to meet the demand for war material, the american government
directed war production businuess
instead of making cars, the ford motor company converted to making
henery J Kaiser contributed to the war effort through his
production techniques
as a result of war production emplyement increased and
union membership rose
during the war, the most serious union organized strikes took place in
coal mines
to finance war, the federal government did all of the following except
reduce corporate prices
what was the main war strategy that roosevelt and churchill first agreed on?
to concentrate on winning war in europe
after the allies gain control of africa, what was their next target?
the germans were finally halted their advance into the soviet union at
battle of stalingrad
the complicated allied invasion to take europe back from the axis powers began
the battle of bulge was
the largest battle fought in western europe during world war II
after germany surrendered, allies decided to
divide into four parts (and be governed by britan, united states , soviet union and france)
after world war II, what organization was formed on the basis of the alantic charter?
the united nations
what was one of the main goals of the nazis in the 1930s?
get rid of the jews
what action did the nazis take to strip jews of their german citizenship
pass nuermberg laws
what was the final .solution of the jewish question" announced by the nazis at the wannssee conference?
kill all jews
in april, 1943, how did jews in warsaw react against deportation to treblinka?
a month long revolt
what did roosevelt finnally create, in january 1944, to try to help the jews?
the war refugee board
what important idea came out of the nuremberg trials?
indivisuals are responsible for their on actions
when the japanese advances against his troops, General MacArthur was forced to
leave the phillipines
allies sunk all four japanese carriers and 250 planes at?
battle of midway
through their island hoping strategy, the allies put themselves in position to
bomb japan
the goal of the manhatten project was to
develop the atomic bomb
japans surrender came less that a week after
the destruction of nagaski
the federal government acted against employeement desermination by creating
a fair employement practice comittee
during world war II african american soldiers
were segregated
the congress of racial equality (CORE) believed in
non violent ways to end racism
mexican laborers lived in spanish speaking neighborhoods called
during wwii many japanese american were interned or
placed in con finance camps
in 1988, congress passes a law awarding each surviving
$20,000 tax free money and an apology
because of the war large numbers of women began to work as
steelworkers and welders
after WWII , women were expected to
quit their jobs and return home
what prevented americans from spending the high wages they earned in wartime jobs?
shorteges of consumer items
which of the following best describes code talkers?
navajo radio operators who helped secure commiunication in pacific
which of the following took place on d-day?
the landing of allied forces on france's normandy coast
in what part of the world were the battles of the coral sea, midway, and guadalcandi fought?
the pacific
which of the following best describes japanese kamikazes
bomb loaded planes dilebertly crashed into targets
V-E day, may 8 1945, marked
the end of war in europe
with the words "I shall return" general douglas MacArthur promised to come back to
the phillipines
an important strategy used by american forces in the pacific was
island hopping
after the united states dropped the atomic bombs on hiroshima and nagasaki
japan accepted american terms for surrender
during world war II, many japanese americans
were confined to camps in isolated areas
facist party leader who became dictator of italy,
benito mussolini
leader of the nazi party in germany
adolph hitler
leader of the soviet union during world war II
joseph stalin
british prime minister during world war II
winston churchill
british prime minister who signed a peace accord in munich
neville chamberlain
spanish military dictator
fransico franco
general who became prime minister of japan
hideki tojo
facist gang in italy
the term ____ refers to a political philosophy that emphaisizes the importance of the nation and supreme authority of the leader
in the 1930s, britan and france tried to prevent war by following a policy of ____, giving in to some of germany demands
the term ____ means "lighting war" and refers to germanys tactic of striking quickly and deeply into enemy territory
the ____ authorized the president to aid any nation whose defense was seen as vital to american security
lend lease act
vichy france adopted a policy of ____ with germany
the free french backed the underground _____ movement
at _____, british and France vessels rescued allied soldiers
____ was the title of hitler's autobiography
mein Kamp (my struggle)
vessels built in the US that usually carried troops or war supplies
liberty ships
technique by which planes scattered large numbers of bombs
carpet bombing
government savings notes brought by americans to help finance WWII
war bonds
home projects that raised vegetables during WWII
victory gardens
reffered to as U.S. servicemen
suicide plane
effort launced to invade western europe
offensive strategy of american admirals to beat the japanese in the pacific
island hoping
japanese americans born in the united states of parents who had emigrates from japan
spanish speaking neighborhoods
work stoppages organized by workers and not endorsed by unions
wildcat strikes
image used to attract women to the wartime work force
rosie the riveter
home project that raised about one third of the nations vegetables during world war II
victory garden
super agency established to concentrate agencies dealing with war production
office of war mobilization
agency set up to boost americans patriotism and sense of participation in the war effort
office of war information
centers in remote island areas where japanese americans were confined during world war II
internment camps