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intro to jazz

Charlie Patton

Delta Blues

Lestor Young

tenor Sax played with Basie
repesated the same note and was a model improviser

Jerry Mulligan

barry sax

Don Cheaton


Colman Hawkins

tenor sax

stop time

section stops except the solo

Roy Eldridge

trumpet player

Bin Webster

tenor sax

Joe Williams

Jazz singer

Classic Blues Structure

12 bar

Song form structure

32 bars to a chorus
(4 beats per bar)

Ragtime Structure

AABBACCDD(additive structure)

Duple meter

can be "divided" in two" bar structure


concluding section of somg

3 big areas w/improvisation

song form


not improvisation
comes from march structure and is forerunner to jazz
each letter(strain) 16 bars unlike song form

Jelly Roll Morton's Band

Red Hot Peppers

Sidney Biche

Soprano Sax

Armstrong's Band

Hot 5(7)

Fatz Waller

1st house organ in Jazz

Marie Lou Williams

first jazz musician(piano) to play with a symphony orchestra

Art Tatum

Called Boogie
-great improviser


an alternating dialogue between individuals or groups


gradually softer


harmonic unit composed of three to seven pitches, each spaced a third apart from the next one

measure or bar

the regular grouping of beats in a given meter (16 beats adds up to four measures)


the accentuation of rhythms that ordinarily go unaccented


the "highness" or "lowness" of a sound sometimes called a note


the propulsive rhythmic intensity in a jazz performance defined, in part, by accented upbeats and an alternating eighth note


a linear succession of pitches that we hear as a coherent unit


collection of pitches from which musicians draw to create melodies


the interval of an eighth


simultaneous sounding of two or more pitches


central pitch


process of changing from one key another


minor/major harmonic quality


state of harmonic rest


a state of harmonic tension

tone color or timbre

distiguishing element of instruments


instruments chosen for a given performance

Hebie Jebies

first recording of skat

Paul Whiteman

viola player
mixed jazz and clasical together(symphonic jazz)


wrote rhapsody blues

Austen High Gang

began to see Chicago style and less improv

Vickies Spaldecca

coronet player

Cotton Club

segregated club that had a night radio broadcast


Left hand technique

Willie the Lion Smith

stride player

James P Johnson

"father of stride" "Harlem Strict"
wrote head arrangements
Carolina Shout and Charleston
piano roll

Jimmie Nancy

Most influential person in Boogie

Luxe Louis


Joe Tourene

shout singer

Latin Jazz

combines harmonic language of bebop and Latin Rhythms

Son music

Mixes African and Spanish Music

Juan Tizol

trombone player from Puerto Rico that wrote Ellinton


thought to be the founder of Latin Jazz
played clarinet, trumpet, sac and was arranger and composer
music director for the Afro-Cubans band
wrote "Tanga" first Latin jazz tune


singer whose group Afro-Cubans were fisrt succesful Latin Jazz Band

rhythmic section of Latin jazz band

Tumbadoras(Congas), Timbales, Maracas, Bongos, Guiro, Claves, cowbells, piano, bass

Modal Jazz

based on one chord seen in Bauza's Tanga


wrote Afro-Cuban piece Manteca w/Pozo
fused w/Bauza
founder of Bebop

Stan Kenton

band leader that began mixing Jazz w/ Latin music beginning in 1947
His 1966 recording of "Latin Fire" is excellent

Cal Tjader

one of must successful West-Coast Latin Jazz musicians. (Drums, later vibes)

Fusion of Latin Jazz

Cuban Music and New Orl. music and cuban with early ragtime(influenced by Joplin

Alberto Socarras

first Jazz flute solo recorded


important in Latin Jazz

Chano Pozo

Cuban percussionist and first percussionist to record w/Jazz band

Brass band

included coronet, trombode, tube(not only brass) and also wind(clarinet) and drums and behind was 2nd line of Dance (Mardi Gras)
trumpet as tune
repetitive structure
every beat equal to a flat four

Frontline of Brass Band

primary instrument was the coronet
clarinet playing extras(embellishment
baseline was the trombone

Buddie Bolden

best known musician in New Orleans
coronet player
had a string and wind group
Replaced by Fred Kepler

Jazz in Chicago

larger groups
prominence of saxophone
interest in trumpet and bango
use of susaphone(String base)\
solo improv
faster tempo

Ma Rainy

mother of blues

Mamie Smith

first lady of blues(first record made by a African American singer which was Crazy Blues

Bessie Smith

Empress of the blues
biggest name in blues recording and movies

First Jazz Record

One Step and Livery Stable Blues

Ervin Mills

music contractor

Buber Miley

Ellington's Growling trumpeter

Tricky Sam Nanton

Trombone player in Ellington's band who used special mutes and used growling technique

Hot Swing

Not typical song form(AABA)
Popular with ellington
improvisation featuring soloists and head arrangements
for listening

Sweet Swing

for dancing and social functions(riffs)

Ellington as a composer

-played with tambors and ranges
-wrote for players -extended harmony -non traditional instrument
-messed with modes(major and minor) and clashing pitches

Joe King Oliver

coronet player, cornet player, used mutes, Louis Armstrong's mentor, formed theCreole Jazz Band (N.O style)

Lil' Hardin

Creole Jazz Band's pianist; married Armstrong, composer as well

Clarence Williams

soprano sax (N.O style)

Sidney Biche

clarinet and soprano sax...shot somebody

Jelly Roll Morton

piano, singer and dancer(Ragtime style w/blues feel)
first player to write tunes on paper "invented jazz"

rhondo form


Fletcher Henderson

Big Band Swing/Chicago Style?
block voicing(melody on top),use of riffs,
contrast of reed and brass
divided sections up

Kansas City Swing

good improv
-blues structure lots of choruses

Count Basie

was an Kansas City jazz pianist, organist, bandleader(Kansas City 6), and composer.
-comping-doing the minimum
Roso ballroom

Kansas City Six

Count Basie's recording unit

Freddie Green

rhythm guitar(replaced banjo) player

Buc Clayton

trumpet player who wrote out head arrangements for Count Basie.(songform)

Herschel Evans

Tenor saxoponist played old style with Lester Young


tune at the beginning


INDIVIDUAL collection of tunes with a subject


used to describe complex art work

Pentatonic scale

scale with five notes (traditional chinese scale)


involved circular breathing and was a wood instrument

Benny Goodman

clarinet played jazz and classical
"king of swing" for a while

Arnie Shaw

new king of jazz and was a clarinet


drummer in "China Boys"

Ray noble

piano and successful english band leader

Glen Miller

trombone player in Ray Noble's band. Sweet band leader

Claude Thornhill

Piano Player

Charlie Barnet

tenor sax played a tune written by Ray

I Got rhythym

rhythm "chord" changes from Gershwin's piece

Mississippi Fred McDowell

Soon One Mornin


Brussels Blues

Billie Holiday

Fine and Mellow

Joe Williams

Goin to Chicago

Ernie Andrews

She's Gotta Go

Joe Williams

Sawmill Blues

Wynonie Harris

Good Rockin' Tonight


Body and Soul

Jimmy Rushing

Some of these days

bunk Johnson

Didnt He Ramble

Bessie Smith

Back Water Blues



Clarence Williams

WIld Cat Blues


Wolverine Blues

James P Johnson

You've got to be Modernistic

Fats Waller

After You're Gone

Luxe Lewis

Honky Tonk Train

Big Joe Turner


Marie Lou Williams

Roll 'Em


Sugar Foot Stomp


Hotter than Ell

Jimmy Lunceford

For Dancers Only


Moten Swing


Jumpin' at the Woodside


Corner Pocket
April in Paris


D.b. Blues
I've Found a New Baby
Drum Boogie


King Porter Stomp
Sing, Sing, Sing
Rose Room


In the mood


Drum Boogie


After you're Gone


i found a new baby

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