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  1. a map-making software that creates maps containing different information about an area
  2. a canyon in the ocean floor, deepest parts of the ocean
  3. a large stream of moving water that flows through the oceans
  4. continuous range of underwater mountains that wind around the Earth
  5. the method of gathering information about areas without visiting the area
  6. using satellites to find locations on Earth

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  1. Continental Shelfsteep edge extending from continental shelf, waters deepen


  2. Deep Currenta cold, deep current coming from the poles a cold, deep current coming from the poles that moves along the ocean floor to the equator


  3. Oceanographythe study of the physical properties of ocean


  4. Abyssal Plainflat region of the sea floor


  5. Satellite ImagingThe use of a satellite to identify and locate sediment and features of the ocean


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