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24 terms

5 - Sports/Travel

por tren
by train
por barco
by boat
por carro
by car
por coche (Spain)
by car
montar en caballo
to ride a horse
jugar a
to play a sport
to play a musical instrument
ir de pesca
to go fishing
ir a pie
to go on foot
montar en bicicleta
ride a bicycle
ir de compras
to go shopping
jugar al tenis
to play tennis
jugar al baloncesto (basquetbol)
to play basketball
jugar al futbol
to play soccer
jugar al futbol americano
to play football
jugar al hockey sobre hielo
to play ice hockey
to swim
ir a nadar
to go swimming
ir a correr
to go running
to skate
patinar sobre hielo
to ice skate
tirar con arco
por avion
by airplane
ir de paseo
to go on a walk