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  1. Nappé
  2. Protein coagulation
  3. Sec
  4. What are the three colors of roux?
  5. What is the formula for making fish stock or fumet?
  1. a to coat with sauce. Consistency of a sauce that will coat the back of a spoon.
  2. b a sauce that has been reduced to be nearly dry
  3. c Brown Blonde White
  4. d the curding or clumping of proteins, usually due to the application. (to capture impurities)
  5. e Fish Fumet Basic Formula
    Yield 1 gallon
    Fish bones (non-oily); cut in 2" pieces 11lb.
    White Mirepoix 1lb.
    Water 3.5 qts.
    White wine 1qt.
    Sachet 1ea.
    Mushrooms, sliced 10 ozs.
    Salt (optional) 2 Tbsp.
    1. Sweat mirepoix followed by the fish bones in formula above prior to adding water.

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  1. a mixture of two or more liquids, one of which is water based, so that tiny globules of one are suspended in the other this may involve the use of stabilizers, such as egg or mustard. Emulsions may be temporary, permanent or semi-permanent.
  2. We as a class cut it into 1-2inches because our chicken and beef stock takes long a time there for we cut them that size so it can take longer to cook. The smaller the cuts the less time need to cook.
  3. 60% flour 40% fat
  4. is the combination of lean ground meat, egg whites, mirepoix, herbs and spices, and tomato or other acidic ingredients.
  5. Proper caramelization is essential to make sure onions do not turn bitter, or burned.

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  1. What is the purpose of blanching bones when making white stocks?To remove any dried blood that can create scum that will cloud up ones stock.


  2. What two fundamentals should be used in order to ensure a stock is clear?It eliminates the procedure of removing every spice added so that one may only need to remove the bag. Also one can make as many as one wants and each one can last up to 3 days if well prepared.


  3. Describe the formula and method for reclarifing a cloudy consommé.Bring the liquid down to approx. 120˚ F (a temperature below coagulation temperature of egg whites)
    Beat 1 egg white/ qt. of liquid with a pinch of salt or a form of acid (tomatoes), to denature whites
    Mix the egg whites into the warm liquid thoroughly
    Heat the mixture to a gentle simmer, stirring to prevent anything from sticking to the bottom
    Simmer gently 5 minutes to fully coagulate all whites (egg raft)
    Strain carefully through coffee filter


  4. SeedingWhen a warm liquid is put into an ice bath to cool it down


  5. CaramelizationIngredients, such are herbs, spices, vegetables, citrus fruits, wines, and vinegars, used to enhance the flavor and fragrance of food.


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