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  1. Why aren't puree style soups strained?
  2. Roux
  3. Describe two ways a broken Hollandaise can be repaired.
  4. What is the basic formula for cream soups?
  5. Define the preparation blanc in reference to white vegetable cookery.
  1. a By adding hot water and slowly mixing in the broken sauce, or whisking cooked eggs and slowly pour sauce into the whisked eggs while whisking.
  2. b Puree style soups aren't strained because the ingredients are going to be emulsified removing them would be counterintuitive and would remove most of the flavor.
  3. c Cream Soup Basic Formula:
    Yield: 1 gal.
    Vegetable (main flavoring product) 4lbs.
    White mirepoix 1lb.
    Veloute, thin nappe 1gallon
    Cream 1pt.
  4. d Submerging the vegetable in an acidic medium after peeling/cutting will keep these vegetables from browning. Cooking them immediately also prevents them from browning. They should be cooked and cooled in the same liquid.
  5. e An appareil containing equal parts of flour and fat, usually butter, used to thicken liquids. Roux is cooked to varying degrees (white, blond, brown or dark, depending on its intended use. The darker the roux, the less thickening power it has but the fuller the taste.

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  1. to make onion soup, you sauté onion in clarified butter that is then deglazed with sherry wine. After add a sachet and stock
  2. A rich, emulsified grand sauce made from butter, egg yolks, lemon juice, and cayenne pepper.
  3. 8 lbs. Bones, 1 lb. Mirepoix, 1 Sachet d'epice, Water (varies w/bone type)
  4. is a highly reduced stock, broth or remouillage.
  5. Cream soups are strained because one wants to create a velvety smooth texture.

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  1. Aromaticbase, found in baking soda, turns veggies brown and breaks them down


  2. Outline the difference between a Fish Stock and a Fish Fumet. Support your answer with production examples of each.The difference is when preparing a fumet, the main ingredients are sweated before the liquid is added and when preparing a fish stock by the straight stock method.


  3. Name the three basic types of stock:Basis for soups and sauces also for braising liquid for proteins, vegetables and grains.


  4. What are the four criteria for evaluating Sauce Velouté?Cook the flour in butter and to decrease the amount of lumps.


  5. Rondeautrapped particles within the stock that cause cloudiness