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  1. What are the four criteria for evaluating sauces?
  2. White mirepoix
  3. What are the guidelines for choosing a garnish for consommé?
  4. Sautéing
  5. Define starch gelatinization?
  1. a referred to generically as a sauté pan
  2. b When the proteins in starch coagulate change consistency
  3. c Garnish for consommé is another way to introduce and influence other flavors.
  4. d mirepoix that does not include carrots and may include chopped mushroom (and mushroom trimming), parsnips. It is used for pale or white sauces and stocks
  5. e Nappe, aroma, color, taste

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  1. white pepper
  2. Bechaamel sauce with Parmesan & Gruyere Cheese
  3. To skim the fat off the surface of a liquid, such as a stock or sauces.
  4. Cream soups are strained because one wants to create a velvety smooth texture.
  5. Whole milk turns sour faster because it contains more fat and fat spoils faster, meaning which milk has more lactose sours faster.

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  1. Tomato saucea knife cut in which ingredients are cut into flat, square pieces, ½ in by ½ in by 1/8 in/1cm by 1cm by 3 mm.


  2. Bouquet garnia small bundle of herbs tied with string. It used to flavor stocks, braises, and other preparations. Usually contains bay leaf, parsley, thyme, and possibly other aromatics wrapped in leeks leaves.


  3. Describe the difference between New England-style Chowder and Manhattan-style Chowder.Submerging the vegetable in an acidic medium after peeling/cutting will keep these vegetables from browning. Cooking them immediately also prevents them from browning. They should be cooked and cooled in the same liquid.


  4. Glacea flavorful liquid prepared by simmering the meat, poultry or seafood bonesor vegetables in water with aromatics until their flavor is extracted. It is used at the base for soups stocks and other preparations.


  5. Decanttrapped particles within the stock that cause cloudiness