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  1. Gratinee
  2. What is the basic formula for purée soups?
  3. How do you keep green vegetables green during cooking?
  4. What are the four criteria for evaluating Sauce Velouté?
  5. Outline the difference between a Fish Stock and a Fish Fumet. Support your answer with production examples of each.
  1. a The difference is when preparing a fumet, the main ingredients are sweated before the liquid is added and when preparing a fish stock by the straight stock method.
  2. b Yield: 1 gal.
    Stock or broth 5qts.
    2 lbs. of legumes or
    4 lbs. non-starchy vegetables
  3. c Is a type of food topped with cheese or breadcrumbs that is baked or cooked in a salemender.
  4. d Velvety texture, maintaining main ingredient flavor, and a light thick consistency.
  5. e Plenty of Boiling Water! salted
    (at least 6x more water than veg.)
    Use Stainless Steel Pot!
    1/3 cup Salt/Gallon H₂O!
    Small Batches at a time!
    Do Not Cover!
    Shock Immediately!
    Broccoli should be Bright Green but just tender in the stem!

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  1. Broth that has been clarified using a mixture of ground meat, egg whites, and other ingredients that trap impurities to result in a perfectly clear broth.
  2. Light - medium nape
  3. a liquid accompaniment to food used to enhance the flavor of the food, A Grand sauce of chicken, fish or veal stock thickened with blonde roux.
  4. Depending on flavor it may include Tomato mirepoix with the addition of garlic. Others call for the addition of a ham bone or other pork bone. Then others rely simply on garlic, onions and herbs.
  5. It's different because everything is added at the same time and cook at the same rate.

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  1. White mirepoixmirepoix that does not include carrots and may include chopped mushroom (and mushroom trimming), parsnips. It is used for pale or white sauces and stocks


  2. Decantto draw off (a liquid) without disturbing the sediment or the lower liquid layers


  3. List the variations of onion soup service styles, and associate each with a particular style of restaurant.There are two basic variations of onion soup namely:
    a. White Onion
    i. Onions are cooked until wilted not browned,
    ii. not served with croutons or cheese
    iii. This version is very clean and is associated with fine dining to prevent the guests from getting stained.
    b. Onion Soup Gratinee
    i. the onions are browned
    ii. the soup is topped with croutons, cheese and breadcrumbs
    iii. this version is usually associated with a more casual dining experience because it is much messier to eat.


  4. What are the steps and food safety concerns when re-heating hearty broths for service?When reheating soups one must first place the desired item into a designed pot, pan etc and place over direct heat to begin the reheating process. One has just two hours to reheat these items to a temperature of 165F of at least 15 seconds; this is to avoid the growth of pathogens. Once reheat the food can be hot held at a temperature 135F or higher for up to four hours. (Servesafe)


  5. Permanent emulsionHold indefinitely once made Hollandaise ý LECITHIN as emulsifier Mayonnaise