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  1. Food-mill
  2. Decant
  3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of thickening with roux?
  4. Broth
  5. Peeling
  1. a Advantages: Disadvantages:
    Thickening dishes Longer cooking times
    For color
    Starches don't break down
  2. b a strainer with crank - operated, curved blade. It is used to puree soft foods while straining.
  3. c to remove skin form a food item
  4. d a flavorful aromatic liquid made by simmering water or stock with meat, vegetables and or spices and herbs.
  5. e to draw off (a liquid) without disturbing the sediment or the lower liquid layers

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  1. The 3 basic types of stock are white, brown and fumet stock. White is when one combines all ingredients after they are cooled and simmered (lighted heated). Brown is when ingredients are browned to produce a mahogany color (ingredients includes bones). Fumet is sweating the main ingredients before simmering them. (Usually used for fish stock)
  2. An electric mixing machine used in food preparation for liquefying, chopping, or puréeing.
  3. A consommé is a perfectly clear broth.
  4. Usually used to create flavors of the aromatics into the stock one hour before its done.
  5. a roux added to a soup, stock, or sauce.

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  1. Appareil/Duxelleis made by heating whole butter until the butterfat is separated from the other two components of butter, the milks solids and water.


  2. Mince/mincingto chop into very small pieces


  3. What type of a sauce is Mayonnaise?Basis for soups and sauces also for braising liquid for proteins, vegetables and grains.


  4. DépouillageFrench. Soup usually a thick type.


  5. What is the proper method to keep a finished mashed potato warm?It doesn't matter what the garnish maybe, what does matter is that it should be well prepared. Vegetables should be cut neatly and precisely. Royales should be delicately set, soft, and supple in the mouth.