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  1. potage
  2. What are the guidelines for choosing a garnish for consommé?
  3. What is the argument against including Hollandaise in the list of "grand sauces" and the arguments for including it?
  4. What are the four criteria for evaluating sauces?
  5. Gratinee
  1. a Can not be reused, refrigerated.
  2. b Garnish for consommé is another way to introduce and influence other flavors.
  3. c French. Soup usually a thick type.
  4. d Is a type of food topped with cheese or breadcrumbs that is baked or cooked in a salemender.
  5. e Nappe, aroma, color, taste

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  1. To make Glace de Viande one has to place 1 quart of beef stock in a sauce pan on high heat until it becomes a thick syrup liquid.
  2. It is a French apple brandy.
  3. 8 lbs of bones : 1 # of mirepoix : 1 gallon water : 1 sachete => 1 gallon of W/B Stock
  4. the product that results when a liquid is reduced
  5. We as a class cut it into 1-2inches because our chicken and beef stock takes long a time there for we cut them that size so it can take longer to cook. The smaller the cuts the less time need to cook.

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  1. Al denteto Cook to the bite


  2. Brothbread that is usually rebaked and cut up in to squares and seasoned to put on a plate as a garnish.


  3. Caramelizationrefers to the process of darkening of food to a certain degree to bring out flavor in the food. (Browning in certain terms)


  4. Dried pasta is made with what ingredients?durum flour or durum semolina.


  5. Name the three basic types of stock:The 3 basic types of stock are white, brown and fumet stock. White is when one combines all ingredients after they are cooled and simmered (lighted heated). Brown is when ingredients are browned to produce a mahogany color (ingredients includes bones). Fumet is sweating the main ingredients before simmering them. (Usually used for fish stock)