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anatomy test chapter 12&13

The brain and spinal cord compromise the___ nervous system.
The part of the peripheral nervous system which brings information to the CNS is ___.
The largest and most numerous of the glial in the CNS are the ___.
The Glial surrounding the cell bodies of peripheral neruons are___.
Neurons tha thave 1 axons and 1 dendrite are called___.
bipolar neurons
The___ division of the nervous system brings sensory information to the central nervous system.
___ is a wrapping produced by some glial cells that contain 80% lipid and 20% protein.
myelin sheath
voluntary control of skeletal muscles is provided by the ____ nervous system.
The gaps between adjacent wrapping on an axon are called _____.
nodes of Ranvier
The myelin sheaths that surround the axons of some of the neruons in the CNS are formed by ____.
small phagocytic cells that are especially obvious in damaged tissue in the CNS are the ____.
The neurilemma of axons in the peripheral nervous system is formed by ____.
schwan cells
cells responsible for information processing and transfer are the ___.
Neurons that have several dendrites and a single axon are called ___.
multipolar neurons
The projection of gray matter towards the outer surface of the spinal cord are called___.
the type of glial cell found lining the ventricles and spinal canal are the ____.
ependymal cells
sensory neurons of the PNS are called ___.
The dorsal and ventral root of the spinal cord unite to form ___.
spinal nerve
what are the glial cells of the Peripheral Nervous System?
Schwann cells, Oligodendrocytes,astrocytes,and satellite cells.
The cell membrane of an axon is the ____.
Informtaion processing is not a function of ___.
The white matter of the spinal cord contains bundles of ___that share common origins,destinations,and functions.
satelite cells are a type of glia cell found in the ____.
peripheral nervous system(PNS)
The entire spinal cord is divided into __ segments.
The pupillary reflex can be classified as a ____.
autonomic reflex.
The ___ of a spinal nerve contains axons of sensory neurons
dorsal roots
The outermost connective tissue is the ____.
. the specialized membranes surrounding the spinal cord are the ____.
spinal meninges.
The neural pathway of a single reflex is called a ____.
reflex arc
.In the PNS, ____participate in the repair of damaged nerves by forming a cellular tube that can direct the growth of myelin.
schwan cells
Achilles,corneal,gag,patellar and, plantar reflexes can all be classified as ____ reflexes.
.The ____ of each spinal nerve provides sensory and motor innervation to the skin and muscle of the back.
dorsal Ramus
Glial cells found surrounding the cell bodies of peripheral neurons are ____.
satellite cells.
Maintaining the Blood-brain barrier; Guiding Neuron development: repairing damaged neural tissue; and creating a three dimensional framework for the CNS are all the functions of _____.
In diagnosis bacterial and viral infections of the nervous system samples of CSF are extracted for analysis. This procedure would logically withdraw fluid from the ____.
subarachnoid space .
.The ___ is a strand of fibrous tissue that provides longitudinal support as a component of the coccygeal ligament .
filum terminale
_____ are Nerve tracts carrying sensory information up the spinal cord to the brain.
ascending tracts
The period during which potassium ions are diffusing out of the neuron is ___.
Repolarization phase
what do the gray horns of the spinal cord contain?
neuroglia,neuron cell bodies, and unmyelinated axons
There are ___cervical spinal nerves
there are ___ thoracic spinal nerves.
There are ___ lumbar spinal nerves.
There are ___sacral spinal nerves.
there are ___coccygeal spinal nerves.