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  1. Chyme
  2. Epiglottis
  3. Gallbladder
  4. Mouth
  5. Anus
  1. a Food is broken down into a soupy mixture
  2. b stores bile from liver
  3. c Breaks down food into smaller pieces
  4. d covers trachea
  5. e eliminates waste

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  1. carbs
  2. enzymes in saliva that break down carbs
  3. Muscle Contractions that move the food
  4. Breaks down and absorbs nutrients through villi.
  5. Very dry and water is absorbed from undigested food and turns waste into semi-solid feces or stool

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  1. Chemical Digestionlarge molecules are broken down into nutrients


  2. PancreasMakes neutralizing liquid and insulin


  3. Acideliminates waste


  4. Villifinger like projections


  5. Bilefat