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Subterfuge definition
n. an artifice or expedient used to evade a rule, escape a consequence, hide something; a deceptive device or stratagem
Subterfuge synonyms/ antonyms
S: artfulness, artifice, chicanery, stealth
A: artless, honesty
Recoil definition
v. to coil again; to draw back
Recoil synonyms/ antonyms
S: backfire, blanch, drawback
A: advance, meet
Impervious definition
adj. impenetrable; incapable of being influenced
Impervious synonyms/ antonyms
S: closed to, immune
A: accessible, open, penetrate
Chicanery definition
n. trickery or deception by sophistry
Chicanery synonyms/ antonyms
S: cheating, subterfuge, stratagem
A: artlessness, honesty, sincerity
Blanch definition
v. to whiten by removing color
Blanch synonyms/ antonyms
S: bleach, whiten
A: blacken, color, darken
Opaque definition
adj. not transparent; not allowing light to pass through
Opaque synonyms/ antonyms
S: bleary, cloudy, foggy
A: apt, bright
Crescendo definition
n. a gradual increase in loudness
Crescendo synonyms/ antonyms
S: acme, apex, pinnacle, zenith
A: abyss, nadir
Muzzle definition
n. the mouth or end of the barrel of a gun; the projecting part of an animal
Muzzle synonyms/ antonyms
S: attach, cover, strap
A: set free, unbind
Palpable definition
adj. readily or plainly seen, heard, perceived
Palpable synonyms/ antonyms
S: clear, plausible, visible
A: careful, mysterious, vague
Ambience definition
n. the mood quality, tone, atmosphere of an environment
Ambience synonyms/ antonyms
S: climate, milieu
A: foreground
Vaunt definition
v. to speak vaingloriously of; boast of
Vaunt synonyms/ antonyms
S: bluster, crow, pride
A: modesty, quiet
Fitful definition
adj. coming, appearing, acting in fits or by spells
Fitful synonyms/ antonyms
S: commutative, fickle, odd, whimsical
A: constant, steady, regular
Milieu definition
n. especially of a social or cultural nature
Milieu synonyms/ antonyms
S: ambient, atmosphere, habitat
A: foreign land
Acquiesce definition
v. to assent tacitly; consent
Acquiesce synonyms/ antonyms
S: comply, yield
A: disagree, protest
Compliant definition
adj. complying, obeying, obliging especially in a submissive way
Compliant synonyms/ antonyms
S: acquiesce, controlled, tame
A: defiant, rebel
Genesis definition
n. beginning; first book of Bible
Genesis synonyms/ antonyms
S: wellspring, origin
A: finale, finish
Slough definition
n. an area of soft, muddy ground
Slough synonyms/ antonyms
S: bog, marshland, wetland
A: shed,, flip, hurl
Apprehensive definition
adj. uneasy or fearful about something that might happen
Apprehensive synonyms/ antonyms
S:concerned, suspicious, weak
A: calm, quiet, unfearful
Rapport definition
n. relation marked by harmony
Rapport synonyms/ antonyms
S; bond, concord, unity
A: coldness
Fritter definition
v. to squander; waste little by little
Fritter synonyms/ antonyms
S: blow, cast away, idle
A: save, store
Diaphanous definition
adj. very sheer and light
Diaphanous synonyms/ antonyms
S: clear, pellucid, transparent
A: opaque, thick
Pallor definition
n. unusual paleness, as from fear, ill health, or death
Pallor synonyms/ antonyms
S: pallid, paled
A: flushed, red, rosy
Flush definition
n. a bushy red glow
Flush synonyms/ antonyms
S: lusterless, dark, vague
A: light, pallor, clear
Nostalgic definition
adj. experiencing homesickness or a wistful yearning for some past period
Nostalgic synonyms
S: cornball, lonely, wistful
Pinnacle definition
n. highest point; lofty peak
Pinnacle synonyms/ antonyms
S: acme, apex, culmination, zenith
A: abyss, base, nadir