English II Poetry Terms

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emotional spin a poet puts on his words; the edge or attitude in the voice of the poem


an eight line stanza


a poetic form with 19 lines, consisting of 5 tercets and a quatrain

ars poetica

a poem that explores or presents the poet's views of what poetry is or how one should write it


a pause or break in the middle of a line


rythmic measure of a line or verse

narrative poem

poem that tells a story


unit of measure in a metrical line


japanese poetic form consisting of 3 short lines in which the first and last have 5 syllables and the middle has 7


mental picture


a pair of rhymed lines


poem for someone who has died


a poem's attitude towards its subject


group of lines gathered together as a unit


4-line stanza

sensory language

language that appeals to the 5 senses

slant rhyme

also called approximate rhyme: rhyme that neither looks nor sounds exact


the study of sound and rhythm in poetry


repetition of vowel sounds


rising and falling of spoken language

iambic pentameter

a line containing 5 feet in which an unstressed syllable is always followed by a stress

free verse

unmetrical verse: lines that are not measured or counted for the number of accents or syllables; lines that are free of meter


figure of speech in which a thing is represented by something closely associated with it like "the White House" to represent the president of the US


a short pithy comic or satirical poem


a 5-line stanza


rhetorical device in which several successive lines, phrases, clauses, or sentences begin with the same word or phrase


the repetition of consonant sounds


dictionary definition of the words


suggested meaning of the words


a line whose sense and rythmic movement continues to the next line

figurative language

language that uses figures of speech such as simile and metaphor to compare one thing to another

found poem

text discovered in some nonpoetic setting (such as ads), removed from its contexts and presented as a poem


speaker of the poem: not necessarily the poet


poetry in a single block of lines, not divided into stanzas


the use of a words that imitates the sound of what the word means like splat, sizzle, and buzz


a comparison that uses a linking word (such as: like or as) to make the likeness clear. similar to metaphor, but a metaphor does not use linking words


any stanza of 3 lines


an image that radiates meanings which may be hard to express in other words but can be felt

emblematic verse

also called calligramme or concrete poem: a poem in which the words or letters form a typographical picture, either imitating how something looks or suggesting what the subject does


a long narrative poem that tells a story central to the myths and beliefs of a people (Homer's "The Odyssey")


figure of speech in which a part of something indicates the whole (think "nech" as part of the body) such as "talking head" for television commentator ir "mouthpiece" for lawyer


14 line poem (about) usually rhymed, usually iambic pentameter, often presenting an argument and perhaps a romantic plea


an expression that combines opposite and contradictory qualities, seemingly nonsensical but capturing some psychological or emotional extreme of ambivalence


(think what's written on one's grave) verses that commemorate a person or group of people who have died


the marking of a poem to note stressed/unstressed syllables, feet, and pauses

blank verse

unrhymed iambic pentameter

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