19 terms


1. What was she holding in her hand?
a towel
2. What did she dry with her handkerchief?
3. How much money did she find in the envelope that was a pleasant surprise?
40 cents
4. Who would often pay for her fare?
5. what did she insist they could not do because it was too expensive?
get a taxi
6. Where did they have cocktails in the story?
7. What would Camilo have been embarrassed if he knew she saw him do?
take his hat off in the rain
8. What did Roger insist they do to get out of the rain?
take a taxi
9. What did the 3 boys that passed in front of them look like through the rain?
10. What were the talking about?
11. Who did Roger get a letter from?
12. Who invited her in to have drinks? What happened to him that was so bad?
Bill; the director threw out his play
13. How much does he send his wife per week?
14. How much money did he also owe the narrator?
15. Why did the janitress come to her apartment?
to check the radiator before starting the furnace for the winter
16. What did the narrator notice was missing when she came out of the bathroom?
her purse
17. What did the narrator say she had not done her whole life out of principle of rejection?
locked a door
18. Who was the janitress going to give the stolen item to?
19. Who did the narrator say was the only person to be afraid of? Why?
herself; she won't leave herself anything