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Lodes Theology Test

Who wrote Luke?
unknown, attributed to Luke
Who wrote John?
unknown, attributed to John
When was Luke written?
85 C.E
When was John written?
95 C.E
Where was Luke written?
Antioch, Syria
Where was John written?
What was the purpose is Luke?
a biblical history of God's dealing with humanity which shows how God's promises have been fulfilled in Jesus and extended to all
What was the purpose of John?
Jesus is the preexistence and incarnate word of God who had revealed the Father to us
How many principal divisions does Luke have?
How many principal divisions does John have?
4; prologue, book of signs, book of glory, epilogue
What literary devices are used in Luke?
parables, foreshadowing, fulfillment citations, miracle stories, themes
What literary devices are used in John?
high christology, signs (7), "I am" statements, discourses
What was the intended audience of Luke?
Gentile Christians (Hellenistic) (Greek)
What was the intended audience of John?
What are the sources of Luke?
Mark, Matthew, quelle, special traditions or L sources
What are the sources of John?
synoptic gospel, quelle, unique materials
"God with us"
"lover of God"
the into or beginning of a story or book
the ending of a story or book
What has to take place for a miracle to happen?
What are the 4 kinds of miracles?
healing, exorcism, power over nature, restoration of life
What 2 ways does Jesus perform miracles?
forgives sins or says, "you are healed"
What is Luke portrayed as?
a story that contains moral and spiritual trust
a prediction of what will happen in the future
Fulfillment Citation
shows how an old testament prophesy about the coming of the Messiah has been fulfilled in the person of Jesus Christ
Miracle Stories
miracles of healing: healing of the paralytic
power over nature: walking on water, calming of the seas, water into wine
exorcisms: expelling a demon, person w/ demon called 'legion' [2000 demons]
restoration of life: the raising of Lazarus
What are the 5 themes in Luke?
1. mercy, compassionate, forgiving Jesus
2. Holy Spirit
3. importance of prayer
4. Jesus' concern for women
5. repentance
What are the 7 signs in John?
1. water into wine
2. cure of the royal official's son
3. cure of the paralytic at the pool
4. multiplication of loaves
5. walking on water
6. sign of the young man born blind
7. the raising of Lazarus (climax of signs)
Where are the "I am" statements at?
the book of John
What is the significance to the prodigal son story?
both of the sons are wrong in different ways and he invites them back in to improve
How many principal part are in Luke?
What is the second part of Luke?
The Acts of the Apostles
Who did Luke dedicate his gospel to?
Which 3 parables deal with God's joy & over-repentant sinners?
Lost Sheep, Lost Coin, & Prodigal Son
What is the symbol of John?
What are the differences in John?
3 Passovers
several trips to Jerusalem
long discourses, no parables
himself as God's revelation
doesn't stress kingdom of God
reference to the Holy Spirit
Law of Love
Gospel of John, 100% Maximum, ideal faith
What do all gospels agree on?
The Resurrection story, messengers were present, only appeared to his disciples, stone rolled away to an empty tomb, women were present in the early morning