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meat breed or sire, black head and legs, polled, long droopy ears, light fleece, often roman nosed, open face


Feet pigmented, sire breed, grey to brown face, medium sized, polled, wool on legs, dystocia, entropion


black legs and face, wool cap of different color, polled, large droopy ears, light fleece, dystocia large head, entropion, sire breed


dark face, dark legs, wool on head and face is white, sire breed


tall and leggy, horizontal ears, wool on ears, wool cap, dark brown to grey, polled, sire breed


polled horned, produce 2 lamb crop per year, open faced but have some hair, best milking breed, but used more for meat, wool on legs

Finish Landrace

very prolific,4-6 lambing, small, white faced, bare legged, poor meat, milk and wool, cross breeding, not smart or good with people, Ewe breed


White hair and hooves, pink skin, ram has horns, fine wool, facial wool, will breed out of season


white hair, pink skin and noses, black hooves, forward erect ears, poor meat, good milk and repro, dual purpose breed,hearty


Whie faced, polled, heaviest fleece, long wool, black tips and nostrils, great fleece, okay meat, dual purpose breed, not hardy


white face, black nose, wool on legs, polled, high quality fleece, poor meat, wool cap, dual purpose breed


black with white belt, erect ears, heavily muscled


red or reddish brown, full droop ears, straight face, medum length , any color but the red/redish brown color is perferred by pork producers


white, pigmentation is discouraged, erect ears, good moms, very popular breed, fairly straight snout

Poland China

black with six white points, 2/3 drooping, lean meat, heavy muscle

Chester White

white, drooping ears, dish face, good moms, prone to atrophic rhinitis, nose cartilage disinigrates due to prolonged respitory infections


black and white, drooping ears, is a good weight gainer, derived from the poland china


black with six white points, upright ears , dish face

Dutch Landrace

white, droopy ears, long body, good moms, most popular breed in the U.S.


light to dark red, upright ears, long snout

Vietnamesse Pot Belly

Came to United States from Canada, sway back , small ears, Straight tails, clean and orderless

La Mancha

ears are very short or absent, any color, dairy goat, smaller in size


short- meduim hair length, two stripes down the face, hind legs white from hocks to hooves, erect ears, great butter fat


mohair, shear two times per year, softer smoother and easier to dye than sheep wool , get about five pounds per shearing, Cheveron- meat from young angora goat


Drawf goat, meduim to long hair, straight and coarse, any color, knee high, horizontal ears


long white droopy ears, roman noses, almost any color, short sleek hair, dairy goat


white or cream, okay to have spots on skin but not on hair, hair is short and fine, erect ears, sensative to sunlight

French Alpine

large goat, any color

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