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after, behind EX: postpone, postscript


before, in front of EX: prevent, predict


forward, in front of, for EX: premote, produce

re-, red-

back, again EX: renew, recede, recall, redemption


backward, behind EX: retroactive

se-, sed-

aside, away EX: secede, segregate, sedition

sub-, sus-, suc-, etc.

under, up from under, secretly EX: submerge, submarine, suspend, sustain, succumb, suffer, support

super-, (sur-)

above, over EX: superhuman, superfluous, surreal, surcease

trans-, tran-, tra-

across, through EX: transfer, transparent, transcend, transcribe, traverse, travesty


beyond, exceedingly EX: ultraviolet, ultramodern

clud-, clus-, clos-

to shut EX: exclude, include, disclose

cur(r)-, curs-, cours-, cor(s)-

to run, go EX: recur, current, excursion, concourse, succor

grad-, gress

to step, go EX: gradual (literally, by steps), progress, aggression

pend-, pens-

to hang, weigh, pay EX: dependent, suspend, dispense, expense

ple-, plet-, plen-

to fill; full EX: implement, complete, deplete, plenary

spec-, spic-, spect-

to look EX: specimen, conspicuous, inspect, respect

und-, ound-

wave EX: abundant, undulate, abound, redound

vid-, vis-, view-

to see EX: evident, provide, visual, provision, review

voc-, vok-

voice; to call EX: vocal, invoke, invocation, provoke, revoke

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