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Gastrointestinal Tubes: Types (3)

Nasogastric tube
Gastrostomy (PEG)


Blenderized, Polymetric, Monomeric

Methods of Delivery

Bolus, Intermittent Drip, Continuous

Nursing Process & Enteral Nutrition- 1st step

obtain baseline, vitals & labs

Nursing Process & Enteral Nutrition step 2

Rasie HOB at least 30° (semi-Fowler's)

Nursing Process & Enteral Nutrition step 3

Assess tube security& placement (aspirate & re-installment/ check for pH 6 or <

Nursing Process & Enteral Nutrition step 4

Assess tolerance to feedings (check for residuals)

Nursing Process & Enteral Nutrition step 5

flush tube

Nursing Process & Enteral Nutrition step 6: Before administering feeding

check expiration date/ warm feeding to room temperature.

Nursing Process & Enteral Nutrition: after feeding complete

Remain in fowlers position for at least 30 min
Monitor urine output & bowels sounds & vital signs
Free water- in between feedings
Change feeding bag daily

Most drugs administered______can be given enteral


Medication is_____with water


Medication delivered via _____.


Flushed with ____ :
Care is taken not to insert large amounts of ____

water, air

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