Chapter 8 Consumer Behavior

The Department of Labor has identified which interpersonal communication skill as being necessary for successful functioning in the workplace?
serving clients
The evoking of a shared or common meaning in another person is called:
The element of the communication model that contains the thoughts and feelings the communicator is attempting to elicit in the receiver is the:
The window through which we interact with people and influences the quality, accuracy, and clarity of the communication is called:
a perceptual screen
When a supervisor sends a message to his/her employees who comprise a diverse workgroup, both parties to the message should be sensitive to:
perceptual screens
A communication medium that is moderate in both information richness and data capacity is:
electronic mail
As a supervisor, you decide you need to communicate with several of your employees about below standard or unsatisfactory work. Which of the following would be the best way to send your message?
written memo followed by a face-to-face meeting
Richness in a communication message refers to:
the ability of the medium to convey the meaning
If one of your employees was in the early stages of expressing thoughts and feelings about a problem, especially when there may be some associated anxiety or discomfort, it would be most appropriate for you to:
make affirming contact
Providing the time to identify and isolate the listener's personal responses and exclude them from the dialogue is one of the purposes of:
Which of the following statements is incorrect concerning reflective listening?
Reflective listening emphasizes more strongly the role of the communicator.
All of the following are included in reflective listening except:
A software engineer has just discovered a major problem, which is not yet fully defined, in a large information system she is building for a very difficult customer. Her supervisor is listening to the engineer as she begins to talk through the problem. Which of the following responses would best exemplify the "reflecting of core feelings"?
"I hear that you are feeling very upset about the problem and may be worried about the customer's reaction when you inform him".
One-way communication in contrast to two-way communication:
is more efficient
In a study of managers' communication skills and performance,:
higher performing managers are better and less apprehensive communicators than lower performing managers
As a supervisor in an emergency situation, you should be:
directive and assertive
A barrier to effective communication is:
status difference
A main method to overcome physical separation as a barrier to communication is:
to increase the use of face-to-face communication
The use of new information technologies reduces status differences as a barrier to communication because:
it encourages the formation of nonhierarchical working relationships
The FAME model of leadership communication is based upon which of the following message characteristics?
focus, articulate, model, engage
All of the following except _____ can be used by a supervisor to reduce communication barriers.
encouraging men and women to interact the same way
An effective method to reduce or overcome barriers to communication due to gender differences is to:
seek clarification meaning
Which of the following is NOT considered a result or outcome of defensive communication?
assertive but accurate message sending
Which of the following is NOT one of the four basic rules Catherine Crier (news anchor for a major television network) uses to prevent defensive communication?
bring the focus back to the person
Defensive communication can lead to:
strained working relationships
You witness an incident at work where a supervisor loudly criticizes an employee in front of several other employees. Later, you learn that the employee didn't make any mistake. The supervisor's communication is an example of:
dominant defensiveness
Passive-aggressive communication and behavior frequently end up as:
dominant defensive behavior
A manager comments to her secretary, "How come Nancy (a word processor) is always hard to find when there is a deadline? She is a loafer." This is an example of:
A defensive tactic where an individual attempts to manipulate and control others is:
a power play
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of nondefensive communication and behavior?
Which of the following statements is an example of nondefensive communication?
"I received the report from Dan yesterday and have briefly reviewed it. It looks good but I need to talk to him about one recommendation before I approve it."
As much as 65 to 90 percent of the substance or content of a message sent in person can be through:
nonverbal communication
What percent of the meaning in a message can be conveyed by nonverbal communication?
65 to 90
Nonverbal communication can be utilized in which of the following communication situations?
committee meeting
Friends typically interact within the:
intimate zone
Persons from many other countries prefer to interact (in face-to-face situations) at a/an _____ distance.
Americans generally do not like to communicate with one another within their:
intimate distance
The study of an individual's perception and use of space, including territorial space, is called:
Seating arrangements and dynamics can be examined in a/an _____ study.
You are chairing quality circle meetings with your employees and want to maximize opportunities for all to speak and contribute. The seating arrangement and table shape to accomplish this should be:
To facilitate direct and open communication, which of the following seating arrangements would be most appropriate?
seat the other party across a corner of your desk from you or in a place where you will be a right angles
In nonverbal communication, the study of body movements, including posture, is known as:
Positive, healthy communication is achieved when:
all of these
At the core of personal integrity as displayed by executives is:
healthy communication
Personal integrity in positive, healthy communication is achieved through:
emotional competence
Which form of communication has high to moderate data capacity and moderate to low information richness?
written communication
Which of the following statements about communication technologies is not true?
Significant disparities in participation levels of persons within the group.
Many of the communications technologies significantly limit or eliminate _____ forms of communication.
The use of new technologies encourages what kind of activity?
Polyphasic activity is known as:
doing more than one thing at time