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MMBIO exam 2 quiz 23

A patient tests positive for a gram-negative bacillus, and has regional lymph nodes that are enlarged and filled with pockets of pus; the patient also reports keeping pet rabbits. What is a provisional diagnosis?
Cats have been identified as an essential part of the life cycle of a protozoan that causes which disease?
Which of the following statements about sepsis is false?
It is always caused by gram-positive bacteria
Which of the following is a symptom of brucellosis?
Undulant fever
Which of the following is NOT a zoonosis?
Puerperal sepsis
Which of the following grows inside macrophages and is transmitted by the bite of a female sand fly?
Intitally causes an asymptomatic or mild infection but is carried for life. It is part of TORCH since it may be tansmitted across the placenta and cause birth defects
Cytomegalovirus (HHV-5)
Which of the following is NOT treated with antibiotics (is not caused by a bacteria)?
Dengue fever