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Work groups place a strong emphasis on:

shared leadership

A group is a collection of two or more persons with common interests or objectives, whereas a work

is usually a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common goal for which they are mutually accountable

A small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common mission, performance goals, and approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable is known as a/an:

work team

Groups emphasize all of the following except:

collective work products

Which of the following is a characteristic of a well-functioning group?

people express both their feelings and their thoughts

Teams are appropriate where:

the knowledge and talent of workers are dispersed across members and require integration

A beneficial team environment is one where an individual does the following:

comes up with initiatives

The two sets of social benefits available to team or group members includes:

psychological intimacy and integrated involvement

Integrated involvement as a social benefit of group or team membership includes:

opportunity for influence

The standards that a work group uses to evaluate the behavior of its members are called:

norms of behavior

The behavioral norms expected within work groups and considered to be among the most important from the organization's perspective are known as:

organizational culture and credos

Which of the following statements regarding group cohesion is NOT accurate?

highly cohesive groups tend to have higher interpersonal exchanges away from the workplace.

Social loafing is usually:

detrimental to the group and may cause interpersonal conflict within the group

A method for countering social loafing includes:

formal evaluation of member contributions

People may engage in immoral acts or even violent behavior as committed members of their group when

there is a loss of individuality

All of the following would be considered positive norms of behavior within a group except:

loss of individuality

One of the contributing factors to the violent and aggressive acts that led to the riot that destroyed Los Angeles following the Rodney King verdict in the early 1990's included:

loss of individuality

According to the group development model discussed in the text, a group addresses which of the following issues?

interpersonal, task, and authority issues

Which of the following includes the set of interpersonal issues that need to be addressed according to the group development model?

trust, personal comfort, and security

According to the group development model, which of the following set of issues need to be addressed as part of a group's authority issues?

who is in charge, management of power and influence, and who has the right to tell whom to do what

Which of the following would NOT be considered a formal or deliberately designed group in a work setting?

lunch hour table group

An emergent group is known as a/an:

informal group

Dependence on guidance and direction is the defining characteristic in what stage of group development


Which stage requires that team members feel they are a part of the team for further progression in group development to occur?


At what stage of group development does the leader need to adopt a coaching style due to team challenges?


At what stage of group development is the leader's role primarily one of recognition of the group's achievements?


Which of the following statements best reflects the punctuated equilibrium model of group development?

all of these.

The notion that groups alternate between periods of inertia and bursts of energy as they develop is most consistent with:

punctuated equilibrium

The development of group cohesiveness is negatively influenced by:

internal competition

The set of authority and task relations among group members is known as:

status structure

An effective team exhibits:

shared leadership

Which of the following is NOT a maintenance function of a group?

elaborating concepts

Task functions relate to a group's efforts to complete an assignment. These functions include all of the following except:

consensus testing

As a member of a quality circle, you frequently check with other members to make sure all are focused on the same problem and that everyone has opportunities to contribute. You are performing the group maintenance function of:

gatekeeping communication

Tension reduction activities are considered a:

maintenance function

Work team effectiveness in the new team environment requires attention by management to both:

team structure and team process

The contributor role in a team is usually occupied by someone who:

provides data and necessary information for problem solutions

An important role in the performance of cross-functional teams is:


Cooperative rewards in work teams will have the most effective impact on:

accuracy of performance

All of the following are considered important work process issues except:

role specification

Which of the following is most accurate regarding the impact of dissimilarity on teams and team members?

value dissimilarity is negatively related to team involvement

Some experts believe that only individuals within a team can be creative, but a professor at Northwestern University suggests that team creativity can be achieved. Which of the following practices would NOT enhance team creativity?


A team-oriented work environment places emphasis on:

empowerment and collaboration

Which of the following is not considered to be a foundation for successful teamwork?

goal clarity

Self-managed teams are sometimes called:

autonomous work groups

Hambrick and ***utomi's research on CEO tenure found that the second stage of tenure involved:


Upper echelon theory argues that:

characteristics of the top management team can predict organizational characteristics

For successful chief executive officers, their peak performance years are usually after:

five to seven years

A "wild turkey" in the top management team is:

a devil's advocate who challenges the thinking of the CEO and other top executives

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