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Ms Ramont's 6th Period Test 2/22/12

What were Washington's vision and warnings for America's future? What did he believe the key was for the nation's success? (Farewell Address)

He warned the american republic of the dangers of foreign ties and political conflicts at home. He warned against forming permanet ties with other countries because we could be drawn into war. He said political union was key to national success. Work out its differences and protect its independence. Also warned against to much public debt & shouldn't borrow money.

On what issues did Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson differ? What groups did they represent?

Hamilton believed in a strong federal government. Jefferson wanted to protect the powers of the states.
Hamilton - Federalist
Jefferson - Democratic-Republican

What were Jefferson's concerns towards Hamilton's National Bank?

It would give the federal government too much power

What did Hamilton do to limit the bank's power? Why?

Limited to 20 year charter because he knew people would oppose it

How Hamilton and Jefferson interpreted the Constitution.
Know loose construction and strict construction.

Hamilton - Loose Construction
Jefferson - Strict Construction
Loose Construction - the federal government can take reasonable actions that the Constitution does not specifically forbid.
Strict Construction - The federal government should do only what the Constitution specifically says it can do.

What is a protective tariff?

A duty imposed on imports to raise their price, making them less attractive to consumers and thus protecting domestic industries.

Why and where did Congress move the United States Capitol to?

- Many southerners thought that having the capital in New York gave the northern states too much influence over national policy.
- Was moved to Philadelphia in 1791 for 10 years
- Chose A Place On Potomac River that included part of both Maryland and Virginia and was named Washington, D.C.

Details of the Neutrality Proclamation

Stated that the United States would not take sides with any European countries that were at war.

What was the Treaty of Greenville? What were the results of the treaty?

- Gave the United States claim to most Indian lands in the Northwest Territory
- The treaty guranteed the safety of citizens there. In exchange, Native Americans received $20,000 worth of goods and an acknowledgment of their claim to the lands they still held.

Jay's treaty (and Washington's attitude toward the treaty )

- settled the disputes that had arisen between the United States and Great Britain in the early 1790s.
- Washington believed it was the most that could be done

Jefferson's thoughts about the relationship between America and France

Jefferson was pro-France. Washington wants to be neutral. Jefferson gets mad and quit.

Details of Pickney's Treaty

- Settled the border and trade disputes with Spain.
- Spain closed ports of New Orleans
- Pinckney was sent to negotiate

What was the whiskey rebellion? What caused it? How did it end?

- A protest of smal farmers in Pennsylvania against new taxes on whiskey
- The complaints of western Pennsylvanians. They refused to pay the tax. Tarred and feathered tax collectors.
- Washington sent 13,000 troops to revolt but when they approached western Pennsylvania , the rebels had fled.

What were the political parties in the 1796 election? who founded the parties? How did the party values differ?

- Federalist & Democratic-Republican
- Federalists-= Hamilton , Democratic-Republicans = Jefferson
- Federalist wanted a stronger federal government , Democratic-Republicans wanted a stronger stte government

What was different about the 1796 election than the elections before? What were the results of the 1796 election?

- There was more than one candidate
- It was irony that Adam was president and Jefferson was Vice-President

Which party supported the Alien and Sedition Acts? Why?

Federalists because they did not want aliens voting for the Democratic-Republicans so they kidnapped them or deported them back

Which party criticized the Alien and Sedition Acts? Why?

Democratic-Republicans because the acts were unconstitutional

Details of the XYZ affair

An incident in which French agents attempted to get a bribe and loans from U.S. diplomats in exchange for an agreement that French privateers would no longer attack American ships; it led to an undeclared naval war between the two countries

What were Adam's feelings toward American relations with France?

He was pro-Britain

What were the results of the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions?

They did not have the force of national law, but they supported the idea that states could challenge the federal government .

What is the Judiciary Act of 1789? Why did Washington pass it?

- This act created three levels of federal courts and defined their powers and relationship to the state courts.

What is the Electoral College?

A group of people selected from each of the states to cast votes in presidential elections

How was Abigail Adams and Judith Sargent Murray different from Martha Washington?

They believed women needed to play a bigger role in the new nation

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