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  1. Internal Anatomy of Spinal Cord: ANTERIOR(ventral) GRAY HORNS
  2. The Major Plexses: COCCYGEAL PLEXUS
  3. Protective Nerve Coverings: NERVE FIBER
  4. Brachial Plexus: AXILLARY NERVE
  5. Spinal Nerve Branches: ANTERIOR (ventral) RAMUS
  1. a - contain somatic motor nuclei, which are clusters of cell bodies of somatic motor neurons that provide nerve impulses for contraction of skeletal muscles.
  2. b - this nerve supplies the deltoid muscles and teres minor muscles.
  3. c - this is a somatic branch that runs in the musculoskeletal wall of the body.
    - this branch serves the muscles and structures of the upper and lower limbs and the muscles and skin of the lateral and anterior regions of the trunk.
  4. d - the roots of spinal nerves (anterior rami) S4-S5 for this small plexus.
    - supplies a small area of skin in the coccygeal region.
  5. e - the axon and its associated glial cells form this.
    - is a process projecting from the cell body of a neuron.

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  1. -these are three connective tissue coverings that encircle the spinal cord and brain.
    -from superficial to deep they are:
    1.) Dura Mater
    2.) Arachnoid Mater
    3.) Pia Mater
  2. - this pathway includes:
    1.) Lateral Corticospinal
    2.) Anterior Corticospinal
    3.) Corticobulbar Tracts
    - they convey nerve impulses that originate in cerebral cortex destined to cause precise, voluntary movements of skeletal muscle.
  3. - this nerve supplies most of the muscles of the anterior forearm.
  4. - this nerves supplies the anteromedial muscles of the forearm and most of the muscles of the hand.
  5. - these reflexes involve contraction of skeletal muscles.

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  1. Sensory&Motor Tracts: SPINOTHALAMIC TRACTS-Lateral & Anterior- these tracts convey nerve impulses for sensing pain, temperature, itching, tickling, deep pressure, and a crude, poorly localized sense of touch.

    Lateral: sense Pain and Temperature
    Anterior: sense Crude touch and Deep Pressure


  2. Spinal Nerve Branches: RAMUS- these are components of the autonomic nervous system(ANS)


  3. Protective Coverings of the Spine- the first line of defense are the skull and vertebral column. vertebral column surrounds spinal cord providing as strong protective cases.
    - second line of defense is the Meninges, which are 3 protective membranes that lie b/w the bony encasement and nervous tissue.
    - Finally, central nervous tissue "floats" in Cerebrospinal Fluid, which cushions both the brain and spinal cord.


  4. Spinal Nerve Branches: RAMI COMMUNICANTES- these are components of the autonomic nervous system(ANS)


  5. Brachial Plexus: RADIAL NERVE- this nerve supplies the muscles on the posterior aspect of the arm and forearm.