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AP Euro - People to Know
I engineered the coup d'etat of Brumaire and eventually became the 1st Emperor of France
I defeated Napoleon at the Battle of the Nile and Trafalgar
I defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo
I was Napoleon's first wife and mother of his 2 step children
I was Napoleon's 2nd wife and mother of his son
Marie Louise
I was the Prime Minister of Prussia that engineered the unification of Germany
# I was the Prime Minister of Sardinia that was the brains behind Italian Unification
# I was the military adventurer that led the Company of 1000 or red-shirts
# I was the Italian who inspired the Risorgimento and wrote On the Duties of Man
I was the Father of Industrialization
Richard Arkwright
# I wrote the poem "White Man's Burden" about imperialism
# I wrote the poem "The Charge of the Light Brigade" about the Crimean War
Alfred Lord Tennyson
# I was a romantic poet, my wife wrote Frankenstein
I was the Prussian military genius who created "open formation"
Von Molthky
My assassination caused WWI
Franz Ferdinand
# I was the brains behind the Congress of Vienna
# I was the President of the 2nd Republic of France in 1848
Louis Phillipe
# I became the first King of a united Italy
Victor Emmanuel
# The throne of Spain was offered to me, causing the Franco-Prussian War
# I was the 1st Emperor of Germany
Kaiser Wilhelm I
# I came to the throne of France after the Revolution of 1830
Napoleon III
# My July Ordinances caused the Rev of 1830 in France
Charles X
# I was the Emperor of Germany in WWI
Wilhelm II
# I was appointed chancellor of Germany in 1933
# I was the fascist dictator of Italy
26. I was the Father of Communism
Karl Marx
27. I led the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia
28. I was the last czar of Russia
Nicholas II Romanov
29. I was the "mad monk" who everyone loved to hate
30. I was the leader of the Provisional gov't in Russia
Alexander Kerensky
31. I was known as the "Bourbon Pretender"
32. I was the czar who ended serfdom in Russia
Alexander II
33. I was the Prime Minister of England who followed appeasement at the Munich Conference
34. I was the Prime Minister of England in WWII and coined the phrase "Iron Curtain"
35. I was a great German philosopher with the theory of dialectics
Karl Marx
36. I discovered the Theory of Relativity
37. I wrote The Origin of Species about evolution
38. I wrote 1984
George Orwell
39. We were the Big Four at Versailles
Wilson, Clemenso, Lloyd George, Orlando
40. I was a Hungarian nationalist in the 1848 revolution
Louis Kossuth
41. I was the last Hapsburg rule, but I ruled from 1848-1918
Charles I
42. I was Karl Marx's collabortator
43. I improved the steam engine
James Watt
44. I was a famous "cubist" painter
45. I was a famous German nihilist
46. I was a famous surrealist painter with a long mustache
47. I was a famous Russian psychologist who worked with dogs
48. I was a French socialist wanted national workshops
Louis Blanc
49. I was a radical Russian who anarchist
50. I brought perestroika and glasnost to the SU
1. I painted the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper
2. I wrote Summa Theologica and was a scholastic
Francis Bacon
3. I conquered England in the Battle of Hastings 1066
William the Conqueror
4. I led a rebellion of peasants in England
Watt Tyler
5. I was burned at the stake as a heretic
Joan of Arc
6. I wrote the Prince
7. I sculpted David and Moses
8. I was the Renaissance humanist, I wrote Praise of Folly
9. I was the first Tudor King
Henry VII
10. I was the last Tudor Monarch
Mary Tudor I
11. I was the first Stuart Monarch in England
James I
12. I was the last Stuart Monarch
Queen Ann
13. I was the first Bourbon Monarch
Henry IV
14. I built Versailles and a whole age is named for me
Louis XIV
15. We did the reconquista and the Inquisition in Spain
Ferdinand and Isabella
16. I am a Hapsburg who had the largest empire at one time
Charles V
17. I believed in the "Justification by Faith"
Martin Luther
18. I believed in predestination or the "doctrine of the elect"
John Calvin
19. I was beheaded for plotting to overthrow Queen Elizabeth
Mary Queen of Scots
20. I began the Jesuits as part of the counter-reformation
Egnatious of Loyola
21. I wrote Don Quixote"
22. I built the Escorial Palace and ruled during the siglo de oro
Phillip II
23. I was a great sea dog and helped defeat the Armada
Sir Francis Drake
24. I helped young Louis XIV rule France
Cardinal Richelieu
25. I was a Hapsburg (female) who was an enlightened despot
Maria Theresa