14 terms

science 4.4

air mass
A huge body of air that has similar temperature, humidity, and air pressure at any given height.
A warm air mass that forms in the tropics and has low air pressure.
A cold air mass that forms north of 50 degrees north latitude or south of 50 degrees south latitude and has high air pressure.
A humid air mass that forms over oceans.
A dry air mass that forms over land.
jet streams
Bands of high-speed winds about 10 kilometers above Earth 's surface.
The boundary where unlike air masses meet but do not mix.
Cut off, as in a front where a warm air mass is caught between two cooler air masses.
A swirling center of low air pressure.
A high pressure center of dry air.
cold front
cold air is dense and sinks, warm air is less dense and rises; the denser cold air slides under the lighter warm air; brings clouds and heavy precipitation
occluded front
A warm air mass is caught between two cooler air masses; brings clouds and precipitation
stationary front
A stalled front that may bring many days of clouds and precipitation.
warm front
Fast moving warm air overtakes slower cold air mass; brings clouds and many days of precipitation