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Dr. Martin - Test on Friday Historical Books


Losing - You can win this thing. Winning - you can fight ahead. Situation is different. Two kinds of history in OT - Priestly and Prophetic.

Prophetic History -

That's what the test on Friday will cover. Will cover the life, death, and troubles.

Priestly books -

Chronicles made genealogy mentions, death mentions, no mentions of troubles or political marriages and idolatry. Looks at Judah only.

Prophetic books are very _____________.

Negative. About exile.

Priestly books are very _____________.

Neutral/Positive. After exile.

In Year *586 BC people were carried off into exile Babylon.

Prophetic books - calling people to repentance. If you don't repent, they had been taken off into exile. They were in exile. Focus on human failure. All the failures are mentioned.

Why did the Priestly books seem neutral/positive?

God's Faithfulness - The people have no hope. They believe that God is through with them.

Priestly books - Oh yes, you have failed. But now you need to see that God forgives, restores. God has made promises to David.

Chronicles has 9 chapters of genealogy. Rubabel - goes back to Jerusalem to make promises - from 2000 BC to 586 BC, God is pleading with them to obey.

Priest and Kings were evil in the Prophetic books. They had the Temple in the prophetic books. If you didn't trust God, the Temple would be gone and they wouldn't be able to wash their sins away anymore.

Some short answers, some longer answers.

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