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Extacellular Digestion

Digestion that akes place outside of the cell.


The part of the fungus responsible for extracellular digestion and absorption of the digested food.


A filiment of fungal cells.

Rhizoid Hypha

A hypha that is imbedded in the material on which the fungus grows.

Aerial Hypha

A hypha that is not imbedded in the materical upon which the fungus grows.


Specialized aerial hypha that produces spores.


An aerial hypha that asexually reproduces to make more filaments.


A hypha of a parasitic fungus that enters the host's cells, absorbing nutrition directly from the cytoplasm.


A chemical that provides both thoughness and flexibility.


A thin covering of tissue.


The anearobic breakdown of sugars into smaller molecules.


A zygote surrounded by a hard, protective covering


The result of sexual reproduction when each parent contributes half of the DNA necessary for the offspring.


A chemical secreted by a living prganism that kills or reduces the reproduction rate of other organisms.

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