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Jainism places great emphasis on
Hylozoism the background philosophy of Jainism
the belief that all physical matter has life and feeling (and can suffer)
The Jains consider mahavira to be
the greatest of the tirthankaras?
In the story of their lives, Mahavira and the Buddha show similarities such as
aristocratic family, left home to be a wandering holy man, embraced ascetism
Tirthankara is the Jain name that is translated
crossing maker or ford finder
Jainism seems to be most strongly concerned about
overcoming bondage and attachment
Jainism, as taught by Mahavira, emerged in India about the time of what other great teacher
The name of the Digambara branch of Jainism literally means
clothed in sky or sky clad
The center of the Sikh religion is at
A Sikh temple is called a
Nanak, after leaving home to teach, wore
clothing that blended Muslim and Hindu styles
One of the requirements of the Khalsa was
no intoxicants
The Adi Granth is the
Primary scripture of the Sikhs
How many Sikh gurus were there before the human line of gurus ended?
Nanak, like the Hindus, believed in
reincarnation and karma
Jainism was a strong influence on
Sallekhana means
"holy death"
Like Buddhists, Jains value
ahimsa? non-attachment?
the worldview of Sikhism is similar to the Hindu philosophical school of
What item worn by the Sikh Khalsa symbolizes strength?
steel bracelet
What item worn by the Sikh khalsa represents alertness and readiness to fight?
special underwear
According to Sikh teaching, the primary guru is
The Jain worldview holds that a creator
does not exist?
Jains allow and even recommend
jainism sees reality as made up of
jiva and ajiva; spirit and matter
The name Mahavira literally means
great one; aka Vardhamana
Jains believe that perfected souls
will not be reborn
Jain monasticism has split into how many branches?
The religion of Sikhism first developed in
the Punjab region of India and Pakistan
The turning point in Nanak's life was a
prophetic call near a river
Which religions accept the eating of animals?
Sikhism and Islam
The Khalsa was created to be
a protective social organization
The name Adi Granth means
original collection
Some Sikhs want a
homeland separate from India
Nanak's name for God was
True Name
Guru Granth is
an honorary title for the sacred book of Sikhism.
Regarding the ability of human beings to find the truth, Jainism
no one can know the whole truth
Most Jains practice the devotional activity called
The founder of Sikhism was
A sangat is
a congregation, fellowship or association
Uncut hair by the Khalsa and the last name Singh represent the symbolic character of what animal?
How many parts is the Adi Granth divided into?
Both Jainism and Sikhism strive to
be more simplistic?