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TF: the SC upheld a state restriction on the free exercise of religion in its ruling employment divisions V smith
TF:the supreme court recently ruled that hate crimes legislation is unconstitutional because it punishes people for their political views
Distinction based on race
the supreme court has ruled that which of the following is suspect classification
a state law prohibiting Latinos from voting
which of the following would most likely be unconstitutional basis of the "suspect classification" doctrine?
a law the distinguishes persons on the basis of race
which of the following laws would most likely be found unconstitutional be a federal court?
plessy v. ferguson
which of the following cases established the policy known as separate but equal?
it reaffirmed the finding in the case of plessy v. ferguson
which of the following statements is not true about the case of Brown v Board of education
Swann v. Charlotte- Mecklenburg Board of Education
in which of the following cases did the supreme court rule that busing was an acceptable method for achieving school desegregation?
15th Amendment
which of the following constitutional provisions was writing in order to protect the voting rights of former slaves
gender discrimination in programs at institutions that receive federal funds
Title IX of the education amendments of 1972 prohibits
interstate commerce clause
the 1964 civil rights act outlawed discrimination based on race, religion, color, sex, or national origin in hotels, restaurants, gas stations, and other public accommodations. congress drew it authority for passing the legislation form which of the following constitutional provisions?
Affirmative Action
The legal requirement that companies and other organizations take positive steps to remedy the effects of past discrimination is known as
gender equity in awarding scholarships and funding athletic programs
Title IX is a law passed by congress requiring colleges and universities to provide