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phlegm herbs

Fu ling (poria)
drain dampness
HT SP KI LU sweet bland neutral
drains damp, promotes urination, tonify SP, transforms phlegm. "bales the boat in all 3 levels so more power to row"
Fu shen (poria spirit)
more for the spirit, goes to the heart than fu ling
fu ling pi (peel)
more diuretic effect than fu ling
zhi shi (immature aranthis, bitter orange)
regulate qi
SP ST LI acrid bitter slightly cold
unblocks plugs, transforms phlegm and relieves distension. Hanging on to something from long ago--"let it go". more for descending down to LI.
qing pi (unripe tangerine peel)
regulate qi
LR ST GB bitter acrid warm
directs downward, dredges the LR, breaks up qi stagnation, harmonizes ST. Key herb for breast nodules and pain. (Get out of the way!)
Chuan bei mu (fritillaria)
Cool and transform phlegm heat
HT LU bitter sweet cool
key herb for cough and constrained qi of the chest. very specific unexpressed grief: (heat in the heart to the point of fanaticism.) Dry chronic cough with empty heat signs.
zhe bei mu (fritillaria)
Cool and transform phlegm heat
HT LU bitter sweet cool
less moistening but stronger at descending, dissoving, and treating pain, for more acute productive cough, for more focal chest discomfort.
gua lou (/trichosanthes fruit)
cool and transform phlegm heat
LI LU ST sweet cold
unbinds chest to clear hot thick phlegm "glop in chest"; good for kids, nonspecific grief, moistens the bowels and chest
gua lou pi (trichosanthes peel)
cool and transform phlegm heat
LI LU ST sweet cold
Dry cough, chest pain. More moistening for throat and chest
gua lou ren (trichosanthes seed)
cool and transform phlegm heat
LI LI ST sweet cold
For dry cough and is most moistening for the bowels, promotes lactation and urination
zhu ru (bamboo shavings)
cool and transform phlegm heat
LU ST GB sweet, slightly cold
for thick, sticky, hot phlegm, GB foul irritability, bilious vomiting. Releases constraint.
zhu li (bamboo sap)
cool and transform phlegm heat
more strongly opens orifices, not available
tian zhu huang (bamboo sugar)
cool and transform phlegm heat
GB HT LR sweet cold
especially good for children: night terrors, tremors from fever also seizures, stroke
hai zao (sargassum)
cool and transform phlegm heat
LR ST KI LU bitter salty cold
For nodules and bulges (hernia). adjunctive: clears damp heat and reduces edema
kun bu (kelp)
cool and transform phlegm heat
LR, ST KI salty cold
Nodules, essential for hard goiters
tian nan xing (arisaema)
transforms phlegm cold
LR LU SP bitter, acrid, warm toxic
strongly breaks up, penetrates channels and collaterals (limbs and face), dries with a harsh palate, "get out of my head". 2. treats wind sx from phlegm 3. treats swellings, nodules, joint pain
dan nan xing (arisaema powdered with bovine bile)
transform phlegm heat
LU LR SP bitter cool
processed in bile to diminish toxicity and drying effect, making it cool and bitter. 1. dispels phlegm 2. extinguishes internal wind 3. calms convulsions.
tian hua fen (trichosanthes root)
drain fire
LU ST bitter, slightly sweet, cold
key herb for thirst. For dryness. Clears heat and generates fluids. Resolves toxicity and pus. Contraindicated in pregnancy
wu wei zi (schizandra berry)
stabilize and bind
HT KI LU sour, sweet warm; combined with regulate blood herbs to help reconfigure who you are now after shattering trauma. "Good for person who has a hard time keeping secrets." Generates fluids, quiets spirit, stops diarrhea, nourishes LR, gasps qi, and contains leakage of LU qi.
ban xia (pinellia)
transform phlegm cold
LU SP ST acrid, warm toxic
key herb for cold phlegm, transforms phlegm, good for N/V due to phlegm ie pregnancy, key herb for phlegm nodules, helps break up new concepts into usable parts
jie geng (platycodon root)
transforms phlegm cold
LU bitter, acrid, neutral
opens chest and throat, disseminates lung qi, expels phlegm, envoy to upper body (remember balloon flower goes up)
qian hu (peucedani, hogfennel root)
transforms phlegm heat
LU bitter, acrid, slightly cold
Directs qi downward, assists the dissemination of LU qi, thereby expelling external pathogens; directs fire downward, thereby dissolving phlegm.