20 terms

Microbiolody Ch. 1

Two challenges facing microbiology today:
Bio-terrorism & antibiotic resistance
Joseph Lister was the first to:
Use antisepsis in surgery
Koch's postulates provide a way of:
Relating a specific microorganism to a specific disease.
Pasteurization is
Used to remove pathogens from fluids, such as milk.
Leeuwenhoek's microscopes allowed him to see:
Protozoal & bacterial cells
One reason Pasteur could not prove the germ theory was because:
He could not prepare a pure culture of bacterial cells.
Snow is remembered as the one who:
Traced the source of a cholera outbreak in London.
The miasma idea suggested that:
An altered chemical quality of the atmosphere transmits disease.
True or False? The swan-neck experiment of Pasteur refuted the germ theory of disease.
False, the experiment refuted spontaneous generation.
The study of microbial evolution has generated a new:
Phylogenetic tree of life.
Microbiology includes what groups of organisms?
bacteria, fungi, algae, protozoa
Which early natural philosopher coined the term cells?
Which surgeon stopped a cholera epidemic in London by removing the pump handle of a contaminated pump?
Which early physician used vaccination with the mild cowpox to prevent the deadly smallpox?
One of the reasons Koch was able to show the cause of disease was that he could grow them:
in a pure culture
Which scientist came up with the first vaccine for rabies?
Ivanowsky, Beijerinck and Reed all began studies with particles smaller than the filters they were working with. This began the study of:
Which classification would include prokaryote cells that live in extreme conditions like hot springs and the Dead sea?
Which group includes single celled protozoa and algae?
Hershey and Chase used a virus to show that ______ is the genetic material in cells.