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Questions for the case

Will you please introduce yourself?
My name is Shay Phifer I majored in elementary education and received a minor in psychology.
What was your reaction when you learned Kat Hunter shot and killed a person?
I was not surprised since Kat has had behavioral problems in the past.
Can you please describe the many behavioral problems he had?
He had trouble in social interactions with other students and was disrespectful to authority figures.
What have you and other teachers agreed on about Kat?
Kat has a reputation as a violent child .
**Was their anything peculiar about Kat's Essay?
While most kids wrote 1-2 pages on their summer vacation . Kat was writing 17 pages of a mass murder that included extensive character dialogue which was quite violent in nature in he essay kat mentioned a gang called true blood which is widely known gang which kat had intentions to join.
How did Madison act in your class when you had him as a student?
Madison was a model student ,he never showed interest in guns and violence.
**What happened when your car battery died?
Madison happened to be there to jump-start my car i thought that was very nice.