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  1. Observation (testing)
  2. clonus
  3. hyperreflexia
  4. Hoffman's sign
  5. Bicep reflex
  1. a UMN lesion
  2. b C5, C6
  3. c involuntary movements/tremors (basal ganglia,cerebellum/periph n)
  4. d heightened reflexes, finger flexor m
  5. e repetitive vibratory contraction in response to muscle/tendon stretch

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  1. acute UMN lesion
  2. 0-5, 5 normal
  3. drift, fine movements
  4. IFMOPS, Observation, Inspection, Palpation, Muscle Tone, Functional, Strength
  5. muscle wasting, hypertrophy, fasciculations (hand, shoulder girdle, thigh)

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  1. reflexes (method)deep tendon, plantar reflexes


  2. crossed adductionopposite leg when medial knee is tapped


  3. hyporeflexiaLMN lesion


  4. Triceps reflexC5, C6


  5. Palpationmuscle wasting, hypertrophy, fasciculations (hand, shoulder girdle, thigh)


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