Test 3 Mod 3

The Coders responsibility is to ensure that the data are as accurate as poosible
The Federal Register is the official publication for all Presidential Docum.
Natioonal unit values have been assigned for each service by Medicare
Fraud is an intentional deception or misrepresentive on that an individual knows to be false or does not believe to be true
Kickbacks from patients are allowed under certain circumstance according to Medicare guidelines
When using an unlisted code a _____must accompany the claim
A. Modifier
B. Operative Report
C. Special Report
D all of the above
C. Special Report
The surgical package includes:
A. General anesthesia
B. Typical follow-up care
C. E/M visit requiring decision for surgery
D. All of the above
B. Typical follow-up Care
Local anesthesia is defined in the CPT guidelines as
A local infiltration
B metacarpal/digital block
C topic anesthesia
D all the above
D. All of the above
The usual global surgery period for a major procedure is
A 10 Days
B. 30 Days
C. 60 days
D. 90 Days
D. 90 Days
The global surgery period includes
A. All routine preoperative and postoperative care
B. Serious complications requiring a return to the operating room
C. Staged procedures
D. All of the above
A. All routine preoperative and postoperative care
Incision and drainage codes are divided into subcategories according to the
A. Size of the lesion
B. condition for which the procedure is performed
C. depth of the incision
D. amount of the drainage
B. Condition for which the procedure is performed
When an excision is being performed the 'margins" refer the ______required to adequately excise the lesion based on the physicians judgment
A. Widest diameter
B. narrowest margin
C. Square centimeters
D. length
B. Narrowest margin
What two items are needed to correctly code for local treatment of burns?
A. Length and width of burn
B. width and depth of burn
C. percentage of body surface and depth of burn
D. Percentage of body surface and width of burn
C. Percentage of body surface and depth of burn
This information is placed after some codes in the CPT manual and contains helpful information
A. Parenthetical information
B. Guidelines
C. Index location
D. bracketed information
A. Parenthetical information
What code is used to report routine postoperative care
A. No code
B. 99312
C. 99024
D. 99211
C. 99024
What are divisions of the surgery sections of CPT based on
A. Body area
B. physician subspecialty area
C. body system
D. third-party payer requirements
C. Body System
Excision of pilonidal cyst that was a complicated procedure
A. 11770
B. 11771
C. 11772
D. 10081
C. 11772
When the words "separate procedure" appear after the descriptor of a code, yoou know which of the following about that code
A. The procedure was only service provided on that day
B. The procedure provided was on a day other than the major procedure
C. The procedure was a minor procedure that would only be coded if it was the only service provided
C. The procedure was a minor procedure that would only be coded if it was the only service provided
Excision including closure of benign lessons of the skin including this type of anesthesia
A. Local
B. General
C. Spinal
D. None of the above
A. Local
The CPT code that is used to report material and supplies by the physician for which no other more specific CPT code exists is:
A. 99070
B. 99080
C. 99071
D. 99000
A. 99070
A triangle before a code indicates that the code is or has been
A. Major
B. Partial
C. discontinued
D. Revised
D. Revised
The incentive to Medicare participating is:
A. Direct payment is made on all claims
B. A 5% higher fee schedule
C. Faster processing
D. All of the above
D. All of the above
Part B services are billed using
Who is the largest third-party payer in the nation
A. Blue Cross Blue Shield
B. Aetna
C. Cigna
D. The Government
D. The Government
The physician fee schedule is updated each April 15 and is composed of
A. The relative value unit for each service
B. A geographic adjustment factor to adjust for regional variations in the cost of operating a health care facility
C. A national conversion factor
D. All of the above
D. All of the above
Medicare sets the payment level for assistants at surgery at a percentage of the fee schedule for the _______surgical services
A. Global
B. United
C. Partial
D. Subsequent
A. Global
What are the items that the Medicare beneficiaries are responsible to pay before Medicare will begin to pay for services
A. Personal care items
B. Deductibles, drug costs, personal care items
C. Premiums
D. Deductibles, premiums, and coinsurance
D. Deductibles, premiums, and coinsurance
Medicare funds are collected by
A. US Food and drug administration
B. Social Security Administration
C. National Center for health statistics
D. Department of the Treasury
B. Social Security Administration
Which of the following is NOT a stated goal of the Physician Payment Reform?
A. Decrease Medicare expenditures
B. Assure quality health care at a reasonable cost
C. Limit provider provider liabilities
D. Redistribute physician payment more equitably
C. Limit provider liabilities
The Medicare prescription drug improvement, and Modernization Act of 2003 established these new benefits available under the Medicare program
A. Part A
B. Part B
C. Part C
D. Part D
D. Part D
This Program is also known as Medicare Advantage
A. Part A
B. Part B
C. Part C
D. Part D
C. Part C
The correct code for repairing the following lacerations: 4.2 simple repair of the trunk, 1.3 simple repair of the arm, and 2.8 intermediate repair of the scalp
A. 12032, 12001-51, 12002-51
B. 12004
C. 12034
D. 12032, 12002-51
D. 12032, 12002-51
When reporting a staged procedure what modifier is added to the CPT code?
A. -25
C. -58
D. -76
C. -58
Destruction of 7 actinic keratoses:
A. -17004
B. 17000 x 7 units
C. -17000, 17003, x7 units
D. -17000, 17003 x 6units
D. -17000, 17003 x 6 units
Which modifier indicates a significant, separately identifiable E/M service
A. -25
B. -51
C. -50
D. -47
A. -25
If you want to bill the removal of skin tags using codes 11200 and 11201. you would need to know with absolute certainty
A. The method of removal
B. whether or not local
C. the number of tags removed
D. The precise area
C. The number of tags removed
Mr. Anderson has dropped a hammer on his big toe resulting in the collection of blood beneath the nail
A. 11740
B. 11760
C. 11765
D. 11730
A. 11740
Jessica Reynolds is a 33 y/o woman with two children. She has been using implantable contraceptives for five years
A. 11976, 11975
B. 11977
C. 11983
D. 11982, 11981
B. 11977
Suffix meaning a technique involving molding or surgically forming
A. -rrhaphy
B. -centesis
C. -plasty
D. None of the above
Oter layer of skin
A. dermis
B. epidermis
C. subcutaneous layer
D. derm
B. epidermis
A graft taken from the patient's own body is called:
A. Split graft
B. Xenograft
C. autograft
D. pinch graft
C. Autograft
IgA, IgD, IgE, IgG, IgM
I. Immunoglobulins
H. Water
F. Fracture
E. History
D. millimeters of mercury
Left lower lobe )lung)
grav. 1,2.3
A. first, second, third pregnancy
g, gm
C. gram
G. milliequivalent