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Database Application Ch. 3-4


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A ______ field allows the user to select from a list of values

a. list
b. lookup
c. combo
d. value
b. lookup
A(n) ______ field is a field that can be computed from other fields

a. aggregate
b. combined
c. total
d. calculated
d. calculated
A(n) _____ query adds a group of records from on table to the end of another table

a. insert
b. append
c. add
d. supplement
b. append
A(n) _____ adds records from an existing table to a new table, that is, a table that has not yet been created.

a. insert-table
b. new-table
c. add-table
d. make-table
d. make-table
TO specify hat entries in the Amount Paid field must be between $0.00 and $50,000 enter ______ in the Validation Rule property box

a. >=0, <=50,000
b. .=$0, <=50,000
c. >=0 and <=50000
d.>=0 and <=50,000
c. >=0 and <50000
To specify that a field is to be required, change the value for the ________ property from NO to YES

a. required
b. No Blanks
c. Necessary
d. Completed
a. Required
To indicate that the only allowable values for the Client Type field are NON, RET, and SER enter________ in the Validation Rule Property box

a. =NON or =RET or =SER
c. must be NON, RET or SER
d =NON, + RET, =SER
a. =NON or =RET or =SER
If the Client Number field in a record always should display the two characters in the client number in uppercase, then the correct format for the field is

a. <
To creat a validation rule for the State field to restrict entries to TN or TX, enter _____ in the Validation rule property box.

a. T*
To order the record in the Client table by city in alphabetical order, use the ______ button

a. Order Ascending
b. Sort
c. Sort Ascending
d. Ascending
d. Ascending
_______ shows the repot as it will appear when printed

a. Report View
b. Design View
c.Layout view
d. Print Preview
d. Print Preview
___ shows the repot on the screen but also allows you to make changes to the report

a. Report View
b. Design View
c.Layout view
d. Print Preview
c. Layout View
In the accompany figure, _____ are used to display data that comes from the database, such as the client number and name

a. Bound controls
b. Unbound controls
c. Calculated controls
d. aggregated controls
a. Bound controls
___ are not associated with data from the database and are used to display such things as the report's title

a. Bound controls
b. Unbound controls
c. Title controls
d. Calculated controls
b. Unbound controls
___ are used to display data that is calculated form other data, such as a total

a. Bound controls
b. Unbound controls
c. Calculated controls
d. aggregated controls
c. Calculated controls
A _____ consists of a selection of colors and fonts for the various sections in a report of form

a. template
b. style
c. theme
d. persona
c. theme
A report that includes the group calculations such as subtotals, but down not include the individual detail lines, is called a(n) ____report

a. Summary
b. grouped
c. abstract
d. header/footer
a. summary
The ___section appears at the top of the form and usually contain the form title

a. Title
b. Form Header
c. Group Header
d. Form Label
b.. Form header
The body of the form is the ____ section

a. Body
b. Main
c. Detail
d. Record
c. Detail
The ____ section appears at the bottom of the form and often empty

a. Form Footer
b. Totals
c. Page Footer
d. Grand Totals
a. Form Footer
In ___ you cannot update the date but you can make changes to the layout of the form

a. Layout view
b. Form view
c. Design view
d. Screen view
a. Layout View
______ allows you to make changes but it does not show you the actual form

a. Form view
b. layout view
c. design view
d. screen view
c. design view
A(n) ___ layout arranges controls vertically with the labels to the left of the control

a. arranges
b. stacked
d. vertical
b. stacked
A(n) ____ layout arranges controls horizontally with the label across the top, typically in the form header

a. arranged
b. horizontal
c. tabular
d. top aligned
c. tabular
T or F
restricting the datable includes adding new fields to a table chaining the characteristics of existing fields and removing existing fields
T or F
Validation rules ensure validity of the data in the datable while entity integrity ensure the validity of the relationship
T or F
When you use a split form , you only add records using the simple form
T or F
looking for the client whose umber is GF56 is an example of searching
T or F
You can use a filter in either datasaheet view of form view
T or F
In the Camshaly Design database a one-to-many relationship exists between the Business Analyst table and the Client table
T or F
When you create an initial report using Report Wizard, you can customize the repot using either layout view or design view
T or F
The contents of the Report Header section print once at the beginning of the report
T or F
The contents of the page header section print once at the top of each page and typically contain the column heading
T or F
the contents of the report footer section print once at the bottom of each page and often contain a dat and a page number
T or F
In access mailing labels are a special type of form
append query
allows you to add the result of a query to an existing table
delete query
allows you to delete all the records satisfying some criterion
make-table query
allows you to add the records to a new table
update query
allows you to make the same changes to all records
validation rules
rules that a user must follow when entering data
validation text
the message that will appear is the user violets the validation rule
required field
a field in which a user actually must enter data
default value
a value that Access will display on the screen in a particular field before the user begins adding a record
calculated field
field that can be computer from other fields
a format symbol
input mask
specifies how data is to be entered and how it will appear.

EX: an input mask can indicate that a phone number has parenthesis around the first three digits and hyphens between the 6th and 7th digits
Does a check mark indicate the value is yes or true?
field selector
is a bar containing the field name
To insert data into an Attachment field, you use the Manage Attachments command on the Attachment field's shortcut menu. Why?
The Manage Attachments command displays the Attachments dialog box, which you can use to attach as many files as necessary to the field
- used to include data for he many customers of a book rep on the form

- is a form that is contained within another form
main form
The form in which the subform is contained
Why would you create a form in Design view?
Design view gives you increased flexibility in laying out a form by using a blank design on which you place objects in the precise locations you want
Why should a form have a descriptive title?
The title gives a concise visual description of the purpose of the form
What are the two possible sections when the data in a report is grouped
group header section- are printed before the records in a particular group
group footer section- are printed after the group
control source
is the source of data for the control. You can do so by entering appropriate expression in the text box or by updating the Control Source property in the property sheet with the expression.
calculated control
when you have updated the control source property with the expression
bound control
when the expression is just a single field because the control is bound (tied) to the corresponding field
the process of converting an unbound control to a bound control
combining two or more text data items into a single expression
ampersand &
used to concatenate text data
what does it mean to format a control?
to display a currency value with a dollar sign, decimal point, decimal point, and two decimals when you add a calculated field
why would you highlights the "Use Control Wizard"
a wizard will guide you through the process of adding the subreport
error indictor
the green triangle that means there is a problem with your report.
why would you change the Can Grow property?
because some of the seminar descriptions are too long for the available space
alternate color
a color different from the main color that appears on every other line in a data sheet or report. Can make it look more readable
the three IIF function letters that are in parenthesis
multipage form
a form that contains more than one page of information. The form contains a tab control that allows you to access two different pages.
combo box
combines the properties of text box (a box into which you can type an entry), and a list box (a box you can use to display a list from which to select a value
what does the format painter do?
it automatically applies the characteristics of the first control you selected to the second control
command buttons
are buttons placed on a form that users can click to carry out specific actions.
why use command buttons?
command buttons enable users to accomplish tasks with a single click.

EX: Next Page, Previous Record, Add Record, Delete Record, etc.
when control becomes able to receive user input through mouse, touch, or keyboard actions.
is a series of actions that Access performs when a particular event occurs.

EX:when the Add Record button is not displaying an insertion point, you need to add an action to the macro.
what are the two ways to create a multipage form
1.) insert a page break at the desired location or locations

2.) insert a tab control
why would you add charts to a tab?
to visually represent data in a table or query