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Who was Gregor Mendel?

the father of genetics

What was Mendels life span?


How old was he the year he died?


How long did he live in the monastary?


What plants did he study?

pea plants

What traits did he study?

pod color,seed color,how tall they grow,flower position,pod shape,flower color,seed shape

Where was he born?

Czech republic

What where two of his occupations?


What are traits?

Inheratince of characteristics

What are dominant alleles?

Allele thats shows when both are present

What are reccesive alleles?

Allele that is masked when both are present

What is heredity?

Passing of traits from parents to offspring

What is genetics?

The study of heredity

What is self pollination?

When a plant pollinates itself

What is cross pollination?

When a plant pollinates a different plant

What was the out come of the first experiment?

True breeding plants

What lands on a pistil?


It____________ the ovul


Describe Mendels 2ND experiment

F1= 1 trait

What does F1 stand for?

First filail generation

What does F2 stand for?

Second filial generation

What are alleles?

Alternative forms of gene that govern the same characteristics

What are genes?

Segments are DNA that pass using heredity passing traits from parents to offspring

What is the difference between genotype/phenotype?

Genotype is masked, Phenotype is pyhsical appearence

What is a true breeding plant?

Plants that have offspring that have same traits as parents

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