Unit 3: Ancient Egypt

60 terms by JessFlores

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wrote that ancient egypt was the gift of the nile


worlds longest river and early farmers settled near it in africa. runs from ethiopian highlands to the med. sea


thanks to the annual flooding this is deposited on the land surrounding the river. It is very rich in nutrients


native to the Nile Delta and was used for baskets, ropes, thatch roots, and rugs


primary crop grown in silt by egyptians


this provides transportation, food, and fresh water

lower egypt

located around the nile river delta in NORTHERN egypt

upper egypt

located in the SOUTHERN part of egypt around the Nile River Valley


land built up from soil carried downstream by a river and deposited at its mouth


united Upper and Lower Egypt and formed the first egyptian dynasty


line of rulers from 1 family


capital of Upper/Lower Egypt Kingdom

old kingdom

began around 2800 BC and preceded by 200 years of civil war. The internal fighting would cease and a strong centralized gov. will be eastablished


type of government created in which there is a king/pharaoh


has absolute power and is the religious and political leader of the people

Middle Kingdom

around 2200 BC, kings of memphis lose power, war brakes out for control of egypt, and new dynasty begins


complex system of pictographic writing


this type of paint was used on the hieroglyphics to make it colorful


belief in many gods/goddesses


sun god


god of sky


goddess of protection


god of chaos


were some of the most important people in egyptian society. Helped egyptians practice their religion

natural dehydration

before mummifaication people witnessed this and it occured when a person was buried in the desert environment of North Africa


the preserving of the body


a process of removing the interal organs and try to preserve the body in lifelike manner

canopic jars

where organs were placed after removed from the body


a salt/sodium rich substance in which was used for removing water from the body


original coffins was usually made of...


later coffins were made of real...


a stone container in which was usually made from granite


"black stone"


a hieroglyphic name enclosed in a oval & adnored the coffin and sarchophagus


most monuments, temples, and pyramds were made of...


"aboveground tombs"

old kingdom

when did pyramids begin to be built for pharaohs?


"step pyramid"


step pyramid which overlooked memphis and was built for Djoser


chief architect of djoser who designed sakkara


pyramids were built on this plateau


built the first SMOOTH sided pyramid

great pyramid

largest pyramid in the world that was built at giza


the great pyramid was built for this pharaoh who was the son of sneferu

great sphinx

looks over these pyramids at gize and is a huge statue with the body of a lion and the head of a man (khafre's head)

valley of the kings

pharaohs begin to be buried in underground tombs on the western bank f the nile across from luxor (thebes)

grave robbers

caused egyptian priests to bury the pharaoh underground


how many tombs were discovered in the valley of the kings

new kingdom

temples were first built during this era


temples were decorated with art/hieroglyphics called

ramses the great

most powerful pharaoh in egyptian history who reigned for 66 years and was the greatest builder during the new kingdom, fathered 40-120 kids, and was a warrior king


group of lovers


where was ramses buried?

King Tut

a rather obsure pharaoh of the 18th dynasty who was the son of akhenaton and claimed the throne at age 10. Died at 18

king tuts

the discovery of his tomb was the greatest archeological find in modern world history

howard carter

found king tuts tomb in 1922 in the valley of kings


first known woman to be a pharaoh of both lower and upper egypt. also the first woman ruler of a civilization. her dad, thutmose 1 died and she claimed the throne

22 years

how long was hatshepsut reign?

dier el bahri

where was hatshepsut temple that she built located at?

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