The Circulatory System: Arteries and Veins

25 terms by esingleton

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Posterior, head, and neck -Artery


Mouth, pharynx, and face -Artery

Internal Carotid

Anterior brain and meninges -Artery

External Carotid

Superficial neck, face, eyes, and larynx -Artery

Right Common Carotid

Right side of the head and neck -Artery

Left Common Carotid

Left side of the head and neck -Artery

Left Subclavian

Left upper extremity -Artery


Head and arm -Artery

Arch of Aorta

Branches to head, neck, and upperextremities -Artery


Heart muscle -Artery


Stomach, spleen, and liver -Artery


Spleen -Artery


Kidneys -Artery

Superior Mesenteric

Small intestine and upper half of the large intestine -Artery

Inferior Mesenteric

Lower half of the large intestine -Artery


Axilla/armpit -Artery


Arm -Artery


Lateral side of the hand -Artery


Medial side of the hand -Artery

Internal Iliac

Pelvic viscera and rectum -Artery

External Iliac

Genitalia and lower trunk muscle -Artery

Deep Femoral

Deep thigh muscles -Artery


Thigh -Artery


Leg and foot -Artery

Anterior Tibial

Leg -Artery

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