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  1. elle voudrait
  2. je pourrais
  3. vous pourriez
  4. ils auraient besoin de
  5. il serait nécessaire de
  1. a she would want, like
  2. b you (pl) could
  3. c they would need to
  4. d it would be necessary to
  5. e I could

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  1. we could
  2. you would want, like
  3. they could
  4. they (fem) would want, like
  5. she should

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  1. il faudraitone should / one ought / it would be necessary to


  2. je devraisyou should


  3. nous aurions besoin dewe would need to


  4. nous voudrionswe would want, like


  5. on aurait besoin deyou would need to