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  1. elle devrait
  2. il aimerait
  3. ils aimeraient
  4. ils auraient besoin de
  5. j'aimerais
  1. a they would like, love
  2. b I would like, love
  3. c he would like, love
  4. d she should
  5. e they would need to

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  1. we could
  2. she would want, like
  3. you should
  4. I would want, like
  5. they would know how to

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  1. elles voudraientthey (fem) would want, like


  2. on pourraitI could


  3. nous aurions besoin dewe would need to


  4. je sauraisyou would know how to


  5. tu aurais besoin deyou would need to


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