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Superficial Structures-Exam 2(percentages)

-Normal thickness of the skin
-0.5-2 mm
-about __% of lymph drainage goes to axilla
-about ____million women have had breast implants
-accounts for 80% of ruptures
-silicone intracapsular rupture
-How many new cases of male breast cancer are diagnosed each year?
-lesions that have =<2% chance of being malignant
-95+% chance of being malignant
-most common solid benign tumor of the breast
-most common cause of bloody nipple discharge
-intraductal papilloma
-breast cancer is the ____________ leading cause of cancer death in females
-What percentage of breast cancer originates in the ducts?
______________ percentage of patients with breast cancer have no family history of the disease
____________ percentage of breast cancers result brca1 and brca2 mutations
if woman has gene mutations, ________ % chance of getting breast cancer by age _________
woman with cancer in one breast has __________times increased risk of new cancer in either breast
most common non envasive cancer
-second most common breast cancer overall
-most common type of breast cancer
-accounts for 75% of cases
-second most common type of envasive breast cancer (8-15%)
-most frequently missed breast cancer
-2-3% of all breast cancer
-colloid "mucinous" carcinoma
_____ lymphnodes are most common nodal METS
-METS cancer to breast comes from: (5)
-melanoma (most common)
-ovary and opposite breast