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US History 31

President Kennedy's policy in Vietnam was to
Increase the number of American militant advisors
Escalation of the war in Vietnam began with the
Passage of the GUlf of Tonkin Resolution
American soldiers fighting in Vietnam had to cope with
Tropical infections and booby traps
Civilians in both North and SOuth Vietnam had to suffer the effects of American efforts to destroy roads and bridges through
Guerrill warfare
In the US television was instrumental in
Bringing the brutality of the war into people's living rooms
Some Americans questioned the fairness of the draft because
College students could easily avoid the draft
People who opposed fighting the war on moral or religious grounds were known as
Conscientious objectors
The Vietnam war finally ended in 1975 when
Nixon signed a peace treaty with North Vietnam
What did the US fear would happen if it did not get involved in Vietnam
Communists would take over
What congressional action gave Pres. Johnson the authority to escalate the VIetnam war
The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
Which of the following conditions did Americans fighting in Vietnam experience
Sniper fire and land mines
Television coverage of the Vietnam War
Brought the brutality of the war into American homes
What was the primary focus of the protest movement of the 1960's
to demand U. S. withdrawal from Vietnam
Tensions between students who oppsoed the was and National Guardsmen resulted in four deaths at
Kent State
In 1970, President Nixon announced that American forces would invade which country
How did the Vietnam War finally end in 1975
with North Vietnam gaining control of all of Vietnam
Who was the nationalist leader who led Vietnam against the French
Ho Chi Minh
Why did President Kennedy support the government of Ngo Dinh Diem
Kennedy feared that Communists would take over South Vietnam
Why did South Vietnames military leaders overthrhow Diem
He had lost American Support
What was President Johnson's objective in Vietnam
to prevent a Communist takeover
What did Congress do after the North Vietnamese attack in the Gulf of Tonkin
gave Johnson control over American actions in Vietnam
What principle, described by President Eisenhower, became associated with American involvement in Southeast Asia
to domino theory
American soldiers were confused to discover that many South Vietnamese people
did not appreciate their efforts
Fighting conditions for American soldiers included
the constant hazard of booby traps
One advantage the Viet Cong guerrillas had was their
elaborate tunnel systems
In fighting the Norht Vietnamese, United States forces used
guerrilla tactics
Herbicides such as Agent Orange were used mainly to
expose Viet Cong hiding places
The officer in charge of the My Lai massacre was
William Calley
The death toll at My Lai might have been even greater but for
the heroics of an American helicopter crew
Many young people in the 1960's had freedom and opportunities unknown to previous generations, thanks to
postwar prosperity
The student protest movement of the 1960's emerged from the
civil rights movement
The Port Huron Statement by the SDS called for power to be rooted in
love, reflectiveness, reason and creativity
Most people who refused to be drafted in the early 1960's were
conscientious objectors
Many young men resisted the military draft by
going to Canada
During the election of 1968, the issues, the issues dividing the country
also caused a split in the Democratic Party
The winner of the 1968 election was
Republican Richard Nixon
What was the status of the Vietnam War by the end of the Johnson's presidency
There was a stalemate, with no resolution in sight
What did Nixon do as he withdrew American troops from Vietnam
resumed bombing raids
Which of the following reignited student protests in 1970
Nixon's invasion of Cambodia
Which of the following was not part of the peace treaty signed in 1973
Election to unify the country would be held withing 60 days
What did North Vietnam do after the last Americans fled Saigon
completed its conquest of South Vietnam
what was the one legacy of the Vietnam War
Communist rule of Southeast Asis
What was one reason for the creation of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
to healp heal the wounds created by the war