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40 terms by rtownsen

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Study Guide from Crossword puzzle (DOWN)

Pressed to create or edit a tab


Cut (Shortcut)

Control X

Bold (Shortcut)

Control B

Removes text to the right of the insertion point


Copy (Shortcut)

Control C

Double line spacing (shortcut)

Control 2

Find (shortcut)

Control F

Paste (shortcut)

Control V

Move to end of a line (shortcut)


Default file format of Word 2007 documents


Non breaking space (shortcut)

Control Shift Spacebar

Move to beginning of line (shortcut)


Word Clipboard holds this many items (spell out)


Decrease font size (shortcut)

Control [

Required components for a mail merge

Main Document and Data Source

Default paragragh ______ in word is 1.15

Line spacing

A smooth-edged typeface (font) useful as very large or small text

Sans Serif

Displays buttons of frequently used commands (Abreviated)


Information about a reference source such as name of author & title of work


Information about the tab stop is stored in the ______ mark


This type of message should always include Subject, Greeting and Author


Default margin sizes are _____ all the way around (spell out)

One inch

______ page breaks manually inserts a new page


_____ Section Break that creates a new section without adding a new page


____ contain these elements in order: Letterhead, Date, Recipient, Address, Greeting, Body, Complimentary Closing


The blinking vertical line where text or graphics will be inserted is called the _____ point


Column headings in a database such as Last Name, First Name are referred to as ______


Envelopes and labels are managed on the _____ Ribbon


_____ Style & _____ Style refer to common styles used for research papers and reports


___ ___ section breaks inserts a new page & creates a new section

Next page (useful for when you want the second page landscaped)

Each row of information that contains data for one person


Use the Merge ____ button to merge cells together to position a title across columns in a table


In a mail merge the _____ _____ contains the text or formatting that remains constent

Main document

Word feature that joins a main document and a data source

Mail Merge

Removes text to the left of the insertion pint


Non-printing character for a TAB is displayed as a small ______


There are 72 ____ in one inch


The _____ button controls the look of the document window


Word contains built-in paragraph formats called _____


Symbol used to indicate which paragraph a WordArt object is attached to


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