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Salvo Practice test 5

What muscles is located on the posterior surface of the leg, crosses 2 joints and is responsible for plantarflexing the ankle and flexing the knee?
What muscle of the erector spinae group is positioned most medially?
Which rotator cuff muscle is positioned on the anterior aspect of the scapula?
What muscle needs to be strengthened to reduce an exaggerated anterior pelvic tilt?
Rectus abdominis
How would you stretch the pectoral major muscles?
Abduction and lateral rotation
Most fractures of the wrist involve which of the following carpal bones?
What disease is known for the body attacking and destroying its own tissues, specifically the synovial membranes of joints, especially the hands and feet? The membranes are replaced by fibrous tissues that add to the joint stiffness already present.
Rheumatoid arthritis
What are the 5 elements in traditional Chinese medicine?
Wood, earth, water, fire and metal
Caution must be used when working on the axillary region due to the presence of which structure?
Brachial artery
What vitamin is necessary for the process of blood clotting?
Vitamin K
This nerve is known as the great flexor of the arm and forearm?
What is a gland found in the brain?
Which rotator cuff muscle does not originate within a fossa?
Teres Minor
What muscle does not attach at the coracoid process?
Pectoralis Major
What is the insertion of biceps brachii?
Radial Tuberosity
What muscle is responsible for medial rotation of the shoulder?
What is the origin for the quadratus lumborum?
Iliac crest
What muscle is synergist to piriformis?
obturator internus/obturator externus
What is the insertion of iliopsoas?
Lesser trochanter
Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese healing art using?
finger pressure
If a muscle has fibers arranged on both sides of a central tendon, it is classified as what muscle type?
What does "P" represent in the acronym S.O.A.P?
What does "endo" mean?
On what neck muscle do you use extra caution while massaging due to its close proximity to the carotid artery?
What is the antagonist to the pectoralis major?
Latissimus Dorsi
What is a group of pulmonary disorders characterized by persistent or recurring obstruction of air flow that worsens with exertion?
Chronic obstructive pulmonary
a coronal plane through the head?
could pass through both ears
In what abdominopelvic quadrant is the liver and gallbladder located?
Upper right
What is the action of the piriformis on the hip?
Abducts and laterally rotates
A broad flattened sheet of connective tissue?
Which muscle elevates the rib cage during inspiration?
External intercostals
What describes a muscle contraction where the muscle does NOT lengthen or shorten?
Movement of the feet where the soles are facing each other and the persons weight is on the lateral edges?
Cycles of rhythmic lifting, squeezing and releasing of tissue, working parallel to the muscle fibers?
Kneading strokes
In swedish massage, massage applied on the extremities should be applied?
What nerves are involved in carpal tunnel syndrome?
What massage stroke is best for muscular atrophy due to inactivity, because it activates muscle spindles?
This is a skin condition characterized by red, flaky skin elevations covered by thick, dry, silvery scales?
What type of endfeel is experienced at the end of a passive range of motion when endfeel is abrupt such as produced by an anatomical barrier such as bone?
How does friction help reduce scar tissue?
reduce random collagen attachment
According to Cyriax the most rehabilitative massage stroke is?
Cross fiber friction
The only vertebra that is part of the pelvis?
This organ of the body helps to regulate body temperature?
What is the scientific or medical name for the ankle joint?
This muscles attaches to the coronoid process?
A muscle or group of muscles that stabilizes an area or joint so that the agonist can exert its action is called a(n)?
What is the insertion of the quadriceps muscle group?
Tibial tuberosity
The parasympathetic nervous system causes?
Decreased heart rate
1 of the main functions of the parathyroids is to?
Maintain blood calcium levels
This muscle does not attach at the medial border of the scapula?