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The Sheriff was formerly known as the what?

shire reeve

In America, the sheriff's duties include all but which one of the following?

Issuing warrants

Which of the following was not a duty of the Constable during the middle ages?

Supervising highways

The coroner's inquest closely resembles a __?

Grand jury

The origins of modern policing in America can be linked to what?

English heritage

Early justices of the peace were what?

wealthy landholders

In many states, if the sheriff is disabled or disqualified, the ______ takes over his or her responsibilities


A "hue and cry" raised by the constable would:

call to arms everyone in earshot

The ______ became the most important law enforcement official in colonial america

Country Sheriff

Early _____ had whole districts of criminal haunts, where no watchmen visited and no honest citizen frequented


Which of the following was not a policing legacy from the colonial period?

A theory of "Republicanism" was created

When Henry Fielding died, his "thief takers" evolved into a group called the ______ Runners, under John Fielding.

Bow Street

Which of the following did not make the old system of policing obsolete?


Which of the following was not a part of the police uniform of London's first constables?

Black top hat

The movement to improve American Law Enforcement began where?


U.S. Marshals have no jurisdiction over crimes involving?

private property

August Vollmer's most daring innovation was the idea of a?

Police School

The Wickersham Commission completed the first national study of?

crime and criminal justice

Which of the following is not one of Peel's principle of policing?

All of them are

Two reasons for the scarcity of studies into police functions and methods prior to the 1960's were:

police resistance to outside scrutiny, and the view that traditional methods worked well

Among the recommendations of the President's Crime Commission were:

All of the above

The Presidents Crime Commission brought policing "full circle," restating several of the same principles that were laid out by ____ years earlier

O.W. Wilson

Today the police are in the _____ era

community policing

Police shifted to the community policing and problem solving era primarily due to:

the isolation of the police from the public

The overarching mission of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is:

eliminating vulnerabilities in the nation's border, economic, transportation and infrastructure security

Which organization is not a part of the U.S. Department of Justice?

IRS investigation division

The FBI's laboratory investigates crime for who?

state and local agencies, for free

Who participates in the uniform crime reporting system?

Federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies

The National Crime Information Center is operated by the ?


in 2003, the ATF was moved fom the Department of the Treasury to where?

Homeland Security

The Department of Justice includes all but which one of the following organizations?


Which of the following is not a major function of the United States Marshal Service?

protecting the president

The Department of Justice is headed by whom?

The Attorney General

Today the top three priorities of the FBI are to protect the nation from what?

Foreign intel operations, cyber-based attacks, terrorist attacks

Secret Service agents are authorized to all of the following except what?

making arrests for state law violations

The Transportation Security Administration :

screens airports, protects transport, includes Air Marshals

The major responsibilities of the DEA under the United States Code include:

all of the above

The criminal Investigation division is under which department?


The IRS's Criminal Investigation Division:

monitors and collects federal income taxes from US individuals and businesses

Special Agents of the IRS:

are armed and may execute search/arrest warrants and seize property


is the US's largest law enforcement training center

The official legal arm of the United States government is?

Department of Justice

Which of the following acts led to the formation of the DEA?

The Harrison Narcotic Act

Among the 49 state law enforcement agencies in the U.S., which of the following is never deployed?

All are deployed

Nearly 60 percent of the nation's 49 state law enforcement agencies whose primary duties include highway patrol require their traffic patrol officers to:

record motorists race or ethnicity during traffic stops

The MCA (Military Commissions Act) contains all but which of the following provisions?

prevents defendants from invoking the Geneva Conventions

Organizations are:

unique, collections of autonomous units with permeable boundaries, and can also be bureaucracies

The administration of most police organizations is based on:

the traditional, pyramidal, quasi-military structure

Every police agency, no matter what its size, has:

an organizational structure

Unity of command is an organizational principle dictating that:

every officer should report to one and only one superior

The term span of control is the principle concerns:

number of persons an individual can supervise

Policies are:

None of the above

Procedures are:

Directives that leave little or no latitude for individual discretion, like not smoking in public

Rules and Regulations are:

general and serve basically as guides to thinking rather than action

Which of the following is not a line element in a basic police organization structure?

Youth Services

The primary line element in a police agency is called?

patrol services

Compared with police chiefs, sheriffs tend to be:

older, having less training, less likely to be a college grad

Which function is not commonly associated with the job of the county sheriff?

enforcing state statutes and municipal ordinances

The grapevine's most effective characteristic is that it:

All of the above

There are now approximately ____ state and local law enforcement agencies in the United States


In most jurisdictions, when compared to municipal police departments, sheriff's offices have far greater responsibility for:

All of the above

Nearly half of all local police agencies:

employ fewer than 10 sworn personnel

The most significant investment police agencies make is in the ____ of personnel

recruitment, testing, training (All of the above)

Some research has found the personality of the typical police applicant to be very similar to:

school counselors

Desirable Psychological qualities of police officers include:

logical skills, people oriented, incorruptible

Police applicants with higher IQ's generally:

have less successful careers in policing

The most important element of the police selection process is probably the:

character investigation

AN area of lawsuit vulnerability in police testing and selection, because of job relatedness is the:

Physical agility test

These tests are commonly used to exclude police applicants with personality disorders

Psychological screening

The oral interview is best suited for determining

how one would react in hypothetical situations

Read Number 71, its dumb


The NAPO recently named ____ as one of the top problems facing police agencies


Which of the following is not a major task of the police?

maintain the status quo

The three styles of policing, per James Wilson, are the:

service, watchmen, and legalistic styles

Patrol can be traced to when ____ established the first organized police force in London

Sir Robert Peel

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