Lab pratical Midterm Bacteria and Cultures

(PA) Pseudomonas Isolation Agar
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Isolates Staphylococcus Species: identifies Staphylococcus aureus./Quadrant Streak/Selective and Differential. SA= 7.5% NaCl.. DA= MAnnitol ..pH= Phenol Red.... (1) Growth medium turns lemon-yellow= Staphylococcus aureus + (2) Growth medium is pink= Staphylococcus epidermidis + (3) No Growth= Staphylococcus -
Staphylococcus aureusdrug resitant. Methicillin resitant staphylococcus aureus/Vanocomycin resistant Staphylococcus aureasStaphylococcus epidermidisopputunist/found on skin/ produces a slime layer that enables them to become attached to hospital equipment.Clostridium sporogensanaerobic/intestinal water loss and hemorrhaging by destroying intestinal epithelial cells.Micrococcus lutuesappear in yellow cultureMicrococcus roseusappears in red cultureMicrococcusgram + cooci found in pairs of clusters,nonpathogenic,grows well at 25*CSerratia marcescenscoliform/soil and water/opportunist in AIDS/pneumonia alcohol/ at 25*C RED PIGMENTED.DNAaseBacillus megateriumlarge bacillus/cytological studies/produces casease/gives milk its white colorBacillus subtilisfound in soil/ bacitaracin and laundry detergent enzymes(protease)/paper production(amylease)/ resistant to chemicals and heat.(TSA) Trypticase Soy Agargrowth of wide range of bacteria,General/Varied innoculation/(TSB) Trypticase Soy Brothgrowth of wide range of bacteria/General/Dip and Swirl.(TGB) Thioglycolate Brothgrowth of anerobic microbes/BIOCHEMICAL/Dip and Swirl. (1)growth in top of aerobic layer=obligate aerobe (2) rowth throughout aerobic and anaerobic layers= faculative anaerobe (3) growth in bottom of anaerobic layer+ obligate anaerobe