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2110 Pathology of MS System, chapter 13

More than 50% of injuries in the US occur to what system?

Musculoskeletal System

3 weeks of bed rest have a more profound impact on physical work capacity than 3 decades of aging. T or F?


When do women double their rate of injury?

During ovulation, when estrogen levels are the highest.
Should train differently during this time.

At what rate do men increase their muscle mass compared to women?

Twice as much.
They also experience larger losses.

T or F? Vasodilation allows for the WBC to migrate to the periphery of the vessel in margination.

False - vasocontriction allows for margination to occur.

What is it called when WBC adhere to the walls of the damaged capillary?



Increased permeability, allowing for WBC to squeeze through blood vessel wall.

How do WBCs navigate to injury sites?


Increased muscle tone/spasm and loss of function indicate acute or chronic inflammation?


What is an age related loss in muscle mass, strength and endurance accompanied by changes in the metabolic quality of skeletal muscle?


How much muscle mass do women and men lose/year?

women > age 40 = 4-6%
men > age 60 = 4-6%

What is the pathogenisis of sarcopenia?

Decreased capacity among motor neurons to innervate regenerating fibers.
Not enough protein in diet.

What are some pathologies affected by sarcopenia?


Name a few PT interventions for sarcopenia?


What does proprioception provide?

Sense of joint position and movement.
Decreases w/ age.

1. Mechanical stress
2. Ca/phosphate levels and
3. Hormone levels influence what?

bone remodeling

At what age does bone density reach its peak?

Remains stable for 20 years.

Does each muscle contain type I & II fibers?


T or F? Endurance training can reverse 100% of the loss of CV capacity.


Is there benefit to strength training > 4x/wk?


6 exercise guidelines?

1. Get a physical
2. Aerobic ex
3. Warm up/cool down
4. Strength training - low load to begin
5. Full ROM w/ all muscles
6. Stop of injury occurs

What are the 2 most serious MS diseases?


Is metastatic disease of the MS relatively common?

yes b/c bone provides fertile ground for growth.

What are the 3 primary cancer sites that lead to metastatic bone disease?


What is the major manifestation of bone CA?

Pain, mainly on wb and at night
Back pain, too

What causes the pain present in bone CA?

stretching the periosteum
irritation of nerve root

Name the condition of infection of the bone?


Most common infectious agent that cause of ostemyelitis?


T or F? Bacteria can travel through the blood to infect bone.


Infection in the pelvic floor, kidneys, colon and bladder refers pain where?

painful gait

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