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Intro to PR: Chapter 4

What organization in 1641 conducted the first fundraising effort documented in the U.S., includign the first of countless PR pamphlets and brochures?
Harvard College
Which of the following has been called by some historians "the best job of PR known to history" because "ignorance was supplied with information and illustration"?
The Federalist letters
Amos Kendall, an unsung pioneer of PR, was a key member of which president's "Kitchen Cabinet"?
Andrew Jackson
Beginning in 1897, the term PR appeared wiht increasing frequency in literature and executives' speeches in what industry?
The first corporate PR ("press agent") department was established in 1889 in what company?
In which of the following eras did muckraking journalism lead to widespread introduction of PR in business?
Seedbed Era
The forerunner of today's PR firms-- The Publicity Bureau, founded in Boston in 1900--gained national prominence in 1906 when it was employed by which of the following?
The nation's railroads
The first full-time PR practitioners were drawn from the ranks of which of the following?
Which practitioner is credited as being the first ot realize the fallacy of publicity unsupported by good deeds....
Ivy Lee
Who changed the scope of his practice from publicity to counseling clients.....
Ivy Lee
Which practitioner is credited with coining the term "Public relations counsel"
Edward Bernays
Who opened the first African American owned PR firm
Joseph Varney Baker
Which woman formed the first PR agency specializing in political campaigns....
Leone Baxter
Which two authors helped pave the way for PR to become an area of academic study and professional practice...
Scott Cutlip and Allen Center
PR textbooks written in the _____ era reflect the change from the.....
Protest and Empowerment
The first use of the term "propaganda" was in the 17th century by which of the following?
The Catholic Church