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Desktop Publishing Skills for CBA

Desktop Publishing

Using a computer with page-layout
software to design, edit, and
produce professional-looking
publications that include
text and graphics.


The study of all elements of type as a means of visual communication—from calligraphy to the use of digital type; includes the shape, size, and spacing of characters.


A family of alphabetic characters, numbers, punctuation marks and other symbols that share a consistent design


Fonts are measured by a system


the little extra stroke found at the end of main vertical and horizontal strokes of some letterforms.

Sans Serif

Type which does not have serifs


Designs are unusual and unique and are designed to attract attention


Another name for Decorative Font


Designed to resemble handwriting, with styles ranging from formal to whimsical


special formatting applied to text


adds depth to text or other objects, making them appear more three-dimensional


appears darker than the surrounding text


slopes to the right

Small Cap

lowercase letters display in a smaller size than the regular uppercase letters, typically the height of lowercase letters in that font


creating the illusion of depth


aligning text or graphic elements to the top, bottom, sides, or middle of a page or box

Left Alignment

Text is lined up against the left margin.

Right Alignment

Text is lined up against the right margin


(printing) the part of tall lowercase letters that extends above the other lowercase letters


(printing) the part of lowercase letters that extends below the other lowercase letters


the height of lowercase letters, specifically the lowercase x, not including ascenders and descenders


the bottom line where the letters set in printing


having words so spaced that lines have straight even margins


a format where the left and right edges of the paragraph are equally distant from the left and right sides of the page

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