20 terms

Vocabulary Unit: 10

(adj.) thoroughly skilled; (n.) an expert

An ____ musician can quickly master a new piece.

Synonyms: (adj.): masterful, accomplished, proficient
Antonyms: (adj.): clumsy, unskilled, maladroit; (n.): novice
(v.) to have amitious hopes or plans, srtive toward a higher goal, desire earnestly; to ascend

To _____ to be an honors student is a good goal.

Synonyms: seek, yearn, aim for, soar
(adj.) bare, dreary dismal

Rather than be dpressed by the ____ landscape of New Jersey, many people winter in Florida.

Synonyms: grim, cheerless, gloomy, desolate, barren
Antonyms: rosy cheerful, sunny, promising, encouraging
(v.) to blame, scold

The teacher _____ the student for his rudeness.

Synonyms: unbraid, reprimand, rebuke, chastise
Antonyms: approve, praise, compliment, pat-on-the-back
(adj.) worthy of scorn, contempitble

Shocked by his _____ selfishness, the man's family tried to forgive his contemptible behavior.

Synonyms: low, vile, cheap, sordid, destestable
Antonyms: praiseworthy, commendable, meritorious
(adj.) small, smaller than most others of the same kind

The ____ lapdog was dwarfed by the enormous Great Dane.

Synonyms: undersized, miniature, tiny, compact
Antonyms: oversized, gigantic, huge, enormous
(v.) to free from slavery; to release or liberate

It is p to all of us to ____ ourseleves from prejudices and false ideas acquired early in life.

Synonyms: set loose, unchain, unshackle, unfetter
Antoynms: enslave, snare, chain, shackle
(adj.) incorrect, containing mistakes

The eye-witness's accuarte account of the events made it clear that the thief's statement was _____.
(v.) to make use of, develop; to make improper use of for personal profit; (n.) a feat, deed

The company's overzealous _____ of the minderal desposits was lucrative, but left the land barren.

Synonyms: (v.): utilize, turn to advantege, misuse
(adj.) made or delivered on the spur of the moment

The seemingly _____ speech from a politician may have actually been well-rehearsed.

Synonyms: spontaneous, impromtu, off-the-cut
Antonyms: planned, rehearsed, prepared
(v.) to make imperfect, damage, harm

Evern her overly candid, injurious remarks did not _____ his self-cofidence.

Synonyms: injure, mar, disable, cripple, enervate
Antonyms: improve, strengthen, promote, advance
(adj.) not able to be defeated, unbeatable

After a perfect 12-0 season, the Texans' fans cheered the _____ quterback.

Synonyms: unconquerable, indomitable, insuperable
Antyonyms: vulnerable, conquerable, surmountable
(adj.) drooping; without energy, sluggish

She felt _____ from the afternoon heat and elected to take a power nap to revitilize.

Synonyms: lazy sluggish, listless, slack, lethargic
Antonyms: liverly, energetic, vigorous, enlivening
(n.) mud; wet, swampy ground; a tough situation; (v.) to get stuck

Rather than risk sinking into the _____ by striking a new trail, she stayed on the asphalt path around the marsh.

Synonyms: (n.): marsh, swamp, bog, slough
(adj.) forward; undesirably prominent; thrust out

Put off by his _____ behavior, the meeks young lady politely declined his demand to have the next dance.

Synonyms: brash, impudent, conspicuous, protruding
Antonyms: meek, reserved, deferential, recessed
(n.) an introduction to a speech or piece of writing

The ______ to the Constitution gives readers a preliminary look at its purpose.

Synonyms: opening, preface, prologue, preliminary
Antonyms: conclusion, ending, closing, epilogue
(v.) to cause to become; to perform; to deliver officially; to process, extract

"'One time I asked her to have a chew and she said no thanks, that - chewing gum cleaved her palate and _____ her speechless,' said Jem carefully." (Lee Chapter 7)

Synonyms: present, furnish, submit, make, effect
(adj.) rough, irregular; severe, stern; strong; stormy

The intrepid marines climbed some _____ mountains to reach the summit.

Synonyms: rocky, craggy, blunt, harsh, hardy, tough
Antonyms: smooth, flat, soft, milkd, tender, delicate
(adj.) inclined to doubt; slow to accept something as true

It its best to remain _____ of rumors rather than to foolishly believe something that is later proven unture.

Synonyms: dubious, suspicious, incredulous
Antonyms: believing, credulous, gullible, ingenuous
(adj.) untidy in dress, personal habits, etc.; careless, sloppy

Holmeson Home filmed in painstaking overhaul of the house after the original contractor's _____ construction methods resulted in a careless renovation.

Synonyms: messy, untidy, slovenly, slapdash, cursory
Antonyms: tidy, neat, orderly, careful, painstaking