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Geo Bee 57

Which of New Zealand's main islands has more cropland and grazing land?
Barbaryis the former name, derived from the Berber peoples, for a coastal region in the northern part of which continent?
British Columbia
Which province in Canada produces more lumber than any other Canadian province or any state in the United States?
In 1900. the Boxer Rebellion - an uprising against foreigners, representatives of foreign powers, and Christians - took place in which East Asian country?
A kind of cloth made from flax was used by the ancient Egyptians for clothing and household items. Name this textile.
The Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor are tow of the major sites in the most populous city on the Iberian Peninsula. Name this city.
A Canadian city with a notable Inner Harbor and the attraction of Butchart Gardens lies at the southern end of Vancouver Island. Name this city.
The Castel Sant'Angelo on the Tiber River, and the Trevi Fountain, considered a source of good luck, are in which capital city in Europe?
Adventurers who want to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest point on the African continent, must visit which country in East Africa?
Muir Woods National Monument
A redwood forest near San Francisco is named in honor of the conservationist who founded the Sierra Club. What is the name of this forest, which is a national monument?