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Emotions, Stress and Health

_____________ is an organism's response to a stimulus that includes a mixture of physiological, expressive behaviors, and conscious experience
William James would suggest that we feel sorry because we ____________ and afraid because we ____________.
cry; tremble
Who suggested that very similar physiological reactions are associated with a variety of different emotions?
Walter Cannon
Activation of the parasympathetic nervous system
increases salivation and decreases blood pressure
When people are stimulated by an exciting soccer match, their excitement can fuel and intensify anger. This effect is known as
the spillover effect
The _______________ is an approach to lie detection, which assesses a suspect's physiological response to crime-scene details known only to police investigators
guilty knowledge test
In a crowd of faces, researchers have found that people are quickest to detect a(n) ___________ face
______________ suggested that we can stimulate the subjective experience of cheerfulness simply by acting as if we are already cheerful
William James
You need to hire someone who is good at reading emotions from minor, quick changes in people's facial expressions. Which of the following personality types would you choose?
Emotions are often hard to describe, but one way of clarifying them is to place them along two dimensions. Thus, people can describe where an emotion falls along two dimensions: (low versus high) ___________ and (pleasant versus unpleasant) ___________.
arousal; valence
Researchers use a measure of ____________ to determine a person's self-perceived happiness or satisfaction with life.
subjective well-being
Olivia has an ongoing disagreement with her husband about their 7-week-old infant. Olivia is certain that their infant can experience a wide variety of emotions. Her husband says young infants do not have that ability. Olivia is right, because according to Carroll Izard, people experience ________ basic emotions, most of which are present at infancy.
Walter Cannon confirmed that the fight-or-flight response was associated with the release of _____________ into the bloodstream.
Some researchers suggest that there is a link between stress and cancer. However, one danger of focusing on this relationship is that
some patients will blame themselves for their illness.
Mandisa is under an extreme amount of stress. She is battling with her ex-husband about money and their children. In this time of stress, Mandisa turns to her friends for support and spends as much time with her children as possible. Taylor and colleagues would say that she is responding to stress according to which of the following models?
"Tend or Befriend"
This subfield of alternative medicine uses touch and manipulation with the hands as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool
manual healing
It is 2 a.m., and you are watching an infomercial for an all-natural male enhancement product. You are skeptical and wonder what exactly is in this product. As it is touted as all-natural, you also notice on the bottom of the screen the wording "This product has not been evaluated by the FDA nor is it intended to treat or cure any illness." You wonder if this really is:
an herbal medicine
Derek's psychologist has asked him to write about a personal trauma he experienced as a child. How might this writing exercise influence his health
He will have fewer health problems in the coming months.