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Ossified cranial sutures

Movements: Immovable

Coronal, sagittal, & lambdoid sutures

Type: Fibrous(Synarthrosis); Serrate suture
Movements: Little/None

Squamous suture

Type:Fibrous (Synarthrosis); Lab suture
Movements: Little or none

Palatine processes of maxilla

Type:Fibrous; Plate suture


Fibrous (Synarthrosis); Gomphosis "Peg in Socket" type joint;
Movement: None

Radio-Ulna Joint

Type: Fibrous (Synarthrosis); Syndesmosis joint; 2 bones bound by relatively logn collagenous fibers
Movement: Moveable

Tibia-fibula joint

Type: Fibrous(Synarthrosis); Syndesmosis Joint
Movement: Less Moveable

Temproary joint between e piphysis and diaphysis of long bone in children

Type: Cartilaginous; Synchondrosis; 2 bones bound by hyaline cartilage
Movement: Minimal

1st rib to sternum

Type: Cartilaginous; Synchondrosis; Attachment is by hyaline costal cartilage
Movement: None

Pubic Symphysis

Type: Cartilaginous, Symphysis 2 bones joined by fibrocartilage
Movement: Slightly moveable

Intervertebral body joint

Type: Cartilaginous, Symphysis; united by intervertebral disc-- fibrocartilage
Movement: Slightly moveable


Type: Condylar(ellipsoid); Biaxial
Movement: In 2 planes


Type: Condylar(Ellipsoid), Biaxial
Movement:In 2 planes

Trapeziometacarpal(b/w trapezium & metacarpal I)

Type: saddle; biaxial
Movement:In 2 planes


Type: Saddle; biaxial
Movement:In 2 planes

Intercarpal & intertarsal

Type: Plane (Gliding); Biaxial
Movement: Slight

Articular Processes of vertebrae

Type: Plane( Gliding) biaxial

Interphalangeal ( finger and toe)

Type: Hinge; monoaxial
Movement:in 1 plane


Type: Pivot; monoaxial
Movement:spins on longitudinal axis


Type: Pivot; monoaxial
Movement:spins on longitudinal axis

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